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I did now. Installed on both EE & EE2, works fine, descriptions are correctly updated as well. Just update your Weidu to 236 so setup can find game directory.

You might want to tweak Dwarven Defender kit; even if it's outside the mod's scope; since he can gain >100 DR with non-modified FP&PS install.

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Well the thing is, most of the visible players(here and in SHSforums) still play the original BG2 with the natural born 500 or so mods that are compatible with it (via BWS), which protects the modders from fireball attacks like a great wall of silence, but that shouldn't lessen our resolve to update the old mods to be fully EE compatible(as long as the old compatibility is respected).

The Level1NPCs for EE's is a harder nut to crack, as my eyes get glazed over somewhere between the .tp2 file line number 1 and 1000, of the total 18764 lines. I even ones went so far as to make the mod partially compatible with the Classic Adventures Total Conversion mod, of course then the rest of the mod didn't work(in the non-CA NPCs), but that didn't matter for the time being and I wanted to change one characters class, also I had no intention to publish it, and I gave all the data that I gathered for that to the possible audience.

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