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The ultimate bg1re suitable game menue!

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...This is what my BG1 game suddenly displayed on the game menue (This happened in 2012. I posted this elsewhere before, but for some reason am unable to find the thread, so I post it anew, because this is the forum it belongs!). I was using a (so I thought) unmodded dialog.tlk to restore my vanilla BG1 game, but as it seems it was a modded BG1 dialog.tlk I put into the game folder, because I have absolutely no other explanation for this. (It's a line from the Ajantis romance.) This is not a fake!!!

Imagine my surprise, and joy when encountering this!

Take a close look at the picture and enjoy! I think all these years I spent working on the game with the honest desire to improve it, it just decided to give something back. :)



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