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Wizard robes and armor


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Hello all:


I like everything about this mod, except the set colors for the wizard robes and the oldish graphics for armor and helms. Is there any way I can revert the appearance of robes and armor to their BG:EE versions, while keeping their Item Revisions stats? I am on a Mac, btw.


Appreciate any assistance.

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Sorry man, I haven't noticed this post while I was away nor when I got back. :(


Anyway, I'm not familiar with the Mac, but if you have something to open item files (do programs like DTLCP or NI work there?) you caneasily edit/remove the assigned color palette entries.


When it comes to armor and helmets, future builds will probably include more 1PPv4 stuff and bring IR more closer to EE-style.

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I hardly think he could stop you. :)

There's a whole cottage industry of meta-mods out there. Plus you can take someone else's miod and rip it apart any way you want for your own personal use. As long as you don't publish it for the whole world to download, no harm done.

I am not sure that Demi would have a moral high ground to stand on a situation where another mod would be published, as he himself is admittedly using the 1PP mods resources.
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It saddens me a bit to see that after working so hard to make items' avatar and icon colors match many players would like to cancel it, but I probably have nothing against your mini-mod JediMindTrix.


I would just ask you to handle it like subtledoctor did, on his own topics. I don't want this to start a "trend" and having every player in the world post his mini-mods here and create 100 different Revisions installs. I'm almost sure Mike and Arda think the same.

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I really am not trying to offend, because I greatly respect the effort and thought you've put into your work, but I feel like I unintentionally caused an emotional reaction here. I've played with IR for 2+ years - the colors haven't changed in between and after a while I would just like some variety, especially when there is more than one party member wearing the same robes. I'm sure this is the case with others who want to change it - aesthetic customization is a pretty big thing for a lot of people. I sincerely disbelieve that it would cause a trend of mini-mods to spring up modifying IR.


My modification doesn't strip all of the colorization effects, only Major and Minor colors. To be fair, you already tell people in Spell Revisions that if they don't like a particular change they can merely comment out the relevant section of the .tp2 to avoid it. This is incredibly easy and anyone could do it - the same however, cannot be said for disabling colors. There are a lot of people who don't know how to use Near Infinity or DLTCEP, or even know what to look for even if they do. The mod merely makes it easy, and clean, and safe for the laymen and the lazy *cough*.


If you truly prefer it to not come to see the light of day then I will not post it, but I think you should reconsider - or even offer the option yourself in Item Revisions.

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Okay. Where? I have no platform.

You can make a new topic to with you can attach the needed archive file if you go into the More Reply Options(PS: this was before the forum went offline), the G3 also has the Misc... Rel... -mods for this or you can release it as SHSForums Misc.. Rel... mods by going to there to the file browser and clicking the Upload File and there attaching the file to the correct selection.

And other ways, like contacting the Admins and submitting the mod to a review, but for this mod it is not likely the best option as you are unlikely to need your very own forum for your mod.


...I don't want this to start a "trend" and ...

Well if it's done in a good spirit and you don't make a huge mistakes, it should actually kinda quell the rebelion, if there's even one to be had.

Why the hell am I, an Evil Imp, supporting something that would likely to promote only peace ... :devlook:

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