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I've also encountered the same problem with Anomen, but I think I've found the problem: there seem to be missing files. The scripts governing the cuckold cutscene are KSAHx81a.BCS, where x is Anomen's Player# in the party. In my case, Anomen was Player3, so HELMBYR.DLG was firing KSAH381a.BCS which isn't included in the mod (v4). I used KSAH481a.BCS as a basis to build KSAH381a.BCS:

		CreateCreature("CLGLIN01",[978.745],SE) // Glinden

Now, I'll freely admit that I can't script worth a damn. :p However dropping that file in override allows the cutscene to trigger ok.


(awesome mod concept btw, love stuff that fleshes out NPCs)

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How utterly bizarre. Unfortunately--I just checked to make sure--KSAH381a is, and has been since before release, present in the version of the mod on my computer. Wait, let me check something in the tp2...



Here it is. The mod is compiling Aerie's Player2 and Player3 scripts twice and skipping compiling Anomen's Player2 or Player3 scripts for that cutscene. A one-letter typo, which creates a very hard-to-find bug. Thanks, Ahrimal; a version with it fixed will go up shortly.

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Another bug, this one concerning Jaheira.


When confronting Dermin for the last time, Jaheira should initiate conversation with "Stop!". Instead, she says "You, boy. Are you Loren?". Loren is nowhere to be found so obviously the only option is <end dialogue>, but Jaheira keeps repeating this line.


The same thing happens after Phaere drags you to her quarters while in a romance with Jaheira, regardless of what you choose to do, after Phaere leaves, she will again ask repeatedly if you are Loren. I'm getting jealous now.


Uninstalling the mod allows the game to proceed normally, but I'd rather not have to do this.


edit: I'm just remembering now that if, for some reason, you force-talk with Jaheira while she's in the party, she will also ask about Loren. Talk about obsessive!

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The only way I'm seeing that could happen would be if you went to the Underdark and other places instead of Trademeet after Jaheira told you she needed to go to Trademeet urgently; did that happen or is there something else weird going on? (If it's the latter, I'm going to need to ask for what other mods you have installed.) I'll add a check to make sure she actually sees Loren when she says that line in any event, but in the meantime, my suggestion is to use Shadowkeeper or the console to set KishDruidQuest1 to 4, and KishDruidQuest2 to 0.

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Sorry, I didn't make it clear in the previous post. The Loren part of the stronghold quest (with Jaheira taking over) went off without a hitch. Whenever Loren is actually present and can participate in the conversation, the quest proceeds normally. I actually completed the whole quest chain before going to Spellhold. It's just that stronghold-related dialogue is firing when it's not supposed to. Very weird.


Fun fact: I went back to Trademeet to do some shopping in chapter 6, and for some reason, Loren reappeared, complete with quest XP and all.


I'm attaching the log; I ran a changelog and apparently there are a bunch of mods affecting jaheiraj.dlg (assuming this is the file that's causing the issue).


Also, I'm not sure if it's relevant. I changed Jaheira from a fighter/druid to a Shapeshifter (Cernd blows, yo). I had to give her a ton of XP to force the final part of the quest to fire, because the script assumes she'll be multiclass and the XP trigger is what it would be needed for her to be a multiclass level 14 druid. I removed the XP after the duel (I hadn't actually leveled her up).


I'll also check the variables and report back.




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That should not be possible. That conversation should only fire if KishDruidQuest2 is set to 2 and the conversation itself should set KishDruidQuest2 to 3 so that it can't happen a second time. I'll see if I can find anything that looks like a potential conflict. The duel shouldn't actually matter to that part of the stronghold at all.


I am not seeing anything that could cause that here. I'll keep looking; let me know if you notice anything else as well.

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I've run into a conversation loop problem with Imoen triggered by the Imoen Friendship mod. I just hit Suldenessellar, and Imoen's trying to initiate a conversation about that, but instead she's stuck on the "Well, I can't say I'm exactly pleased that that was necessary" dialogue. Is this an installation order problem (I installed the Friendship mod before NPC Strongholds), or a bit of misplaced code?


(I'm really enjoying the effort you put into Guildmistress Imoen, though; definitely a highlight of my playthrough)

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Hi, I've got a bug in Unseeing Eye quest, not sure what to do. Main character is fighter, stronghold is gained, NG alignment, Viconia and Aerie are in the party. After the Gaal's speach in Temple District the Helm's priest Oisig approached and invited to the temple for conversation, then acted like doesn't have any business with me though there is a note in the journal that he called me into temple. Another guy with illithium quest doesn't want to talk as well. Also there are no required for this quest priests in other temples, summoning them with console doesn't make any change, they still don't want to talk nor to me, nor to my clerics. Uninstalling the NPC Stronghold makes the Oisig and all the Helm people hospitable again, they speak and give all the quests. But I don't want to uninstall! Please advice =(

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I know it's a hard work, but will you ever give mod added NPCs the possibility of gaining the strongholds?


BTW it felt very good finally having Jaheira as druid in the Grove

Thanks a lot for creating this masterpiece.

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I'm glad you like it.


Things I am definitely not going to do:

1) Track down every mod NPC and write/code for them getting a stronghold.

2) Write/code generic bits, "PLAYER2, I see that you're a fighter so I'm offering you my Keep."


Things I likely will do: Include some mod NPCs in this mod, at some point.

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Kish, I haven't multiple strongholds hack, neighter other mods, only g3 fixes and tweaks (w/o multiple strongholds!). I have fixed my quest with summoning proper NPC, BHAnval, instead of just Anval, which has also summoned Talos guy with him and the quest continued. Considering sourse ot this bug - I think it may be because of older mod version, which I updated only after I visited Temple District the first time. So there is all ok with this part of the mod!

I have other bug to report though, it isn't critical, but present. In the same quest, when both the temples invites Aerie and Viconia and you go to Talos first - the Lathander illithium guy asks Aerie about party working for Talos and the aswers to that are leading to opposite results. It isn't horrible though as the right answer is still there =)

Anyway, the mod is awesome! Thanks a lot for it, my favorite game is now shines with new colors, still remaining authentic.

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Hi again! I've find another looks-like bug. In the ranger stronghold quest after Minsc was uncivil with Lord Igen Tombelthen and we killed the whole bunch - now they all stand alive in Bridge Disctrict at merchant square. Lord Igen has nothing to say to us =( It's almost natural - since he's actually dead and stuff...

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