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Just how does opcode 363, "Movement rate check", work?


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I've read the description in the guide, and it leaves me nonplussed. I thought I could use this effect to remove a bunch of others from a character on movement, and apparently the modal state check is only possible in an EFF file. So I made a spell with two effects: one is a permanent glow and the other is Use EFF File. My intention was to use 363 from here so that when the character moved, all of the effects in the spell would be cancelled (as the guide says), and the glow would go out. In that file I did not know what movement rate to enter. What is the role of that number, anyway? If the effects are removed on moving from the spot, how should speed matter? At any rate, I tried first 1 and then 0 for the value.


For the modal state, my hope was that NONE is an actual state, when the character is not in the other states - not turning undead, not using stealth and so on. If so, I reasoned, I should get a nice check for when a character is not doing any of those things and tries to move.


It didn't work. The glow would not go away on movement no matter how I change the effect. Then I tried using TURNUNDEAD as the modal state to check for and cast the spell on Branwen, clicked on the icon for her and tried to walk. Again nothing: the turning continued and so did the glowing. I was mostly checking for movement rate 0 all along, because I had and have no clue if I should enter regular walking speed of characters or what the rate is.


Any suggestions?

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Then I should try it with the bard song. I suppose I can use the Cast spell on movement opcode instead, to remove the first spell, but that's not as convenient as a self-destructing package.

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I have had issues with that effect, as well. I think, but i don't know, that it only works with bard song/shaman dance

It is supposed to work with other modal actions, but it was primarily implemented for and tested with bard song (later shaman dance).

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It works consistently to me.


If the selected modal action is active when the effect is applied(if its not then the opcode 363 effect isn't applied):

- For its duration or until you activate another modal action(which will end just the opcode 363 effect).

- The next movement you make will end said modal action and any effects with the same resource as the one that applied opcode 363.


If you want to specify the resource that it ends, you need to put opcode 363 into a eff and specify said resource in the "Parent Resource" field at offset 0x90.


Bard Song/Shaman dance can apply this effect themselves, but the tricky thing with Turn Undead/Stealth/Detect Traps is that you must apply the effect while the modal is active, without ending the modal, so whatever is applying the effect must do so without the characters input, since taking an action ends the current modal action.

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