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Mod tips for continued play into BG2 EE?


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Hello :>


I've almost completed my playthrough of BG1NPC project on BG1:EE and have to say that it's been wonderful! Everyone involved in the project has shown great talent and devotion and have my deepest appreciation for keeping it alive and updated in enhanced editions! Thank you <3


Now to my question:

Which mods would you recommend would be fitting to install when continuing the playthrough into BG2:EE?

(Not sure if skipping Siege of Dragonspear is the way to go or just romp through it and import my char from bg1 into bg2)


Current party:

  • Imoen
  • Khalid
  • Jaheira
  • Kivan
  • Xan

Mostly in mind are mods that work and fit with the BG1npc somewhat. I'm not looking for a huge list of mods. Mostly I just want to keep Kivan and Xan if its possible :) My biggest worry are that most mods may not be compatible at all. So far I've considered:

Or am I going at this the wrong way?

I've been playing BG1EE and installed mods similar to how it was done in the old days with weidu installers but recently heard of the EET project that apparently makes a lot of mods compatible. Getting that to work might introduce even more bugs though and I dont want to install too much.


Appreciate any help or tips


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With the Kivan, Xan, and Ajantis BGII mods you have mods that are written from the original BG1NPC Project authors so these should continue the BG1NPC personalities and stories.


The Crossmod Banter Pack is BGII:EE compatible and should work for version 2.x.


So, I think you should be alright with your choice.

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