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bg1re Bugthread

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There is a bug involving Garrick and his paramour Carnatia "the Butcher" Carnifex. :p I usually park him in Jovial Juggler after finishing his quest from BG NPC for free identifying of various stuff. After second rejoining I got the option for asking him about his lady friend but that dialogue just closed prematurely when I clicked on it. This whole component regarding him in this mod is little strange, for example I got zilch reward when I delivered him his ring and letter ( same as with Blaise), I think it should be at least symbolic amount of XP for that, else why should I bother to be love postman ( sorry, Kevin Costner). And is there a point to give him that ring ( since I'm playing goody two shoes paladin I did that this time) I usually sell it out for nice 1400 gp? 

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Game is easy Tutu, mod version is 2.7, possible incompatibility is with Anthology tweaks, component "Send NPC to the inn". Not sure, but this line was among the choices from that mod ( join the party, I don't want you back yet, what happened with Carnatia, go to FAI, Beregost or Nashkel). Dialogue tree is GARRIP.  

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Current version is 4.1. As I said, I do not see anything i the code, it goes from "Garrick's Post Dialoge" to "Garrick's Post Dialogue" and if the reply option was added correctly (as it seems to be) then the next line of Garrick should be, too (in v4.1).

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2 minutes ago, jastey said:


 ah ok. This is something else than I understood: I thought clicking the reply option lets the dialogue end abruptly. This might well be something that is still inside the mod. Thanks for insisting!

Heh, you are not entirely wrong here Jastey as clicking that line terminates dialogue and nets you 43 gp. :p

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58 minutes ago, Greenhorn said:

you are not entirely wrong here Jastey as clicking that line terminates dialogue

ok I rephrase: I thought the offered reply option looks normal but clicking on it ends the dialogue abruptly. :D

The "end dialogue" button implies the problem to be somewhere else so that was a helpful screenshot.

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Guest Kahrk

For the component: Camryn and Tamah. After getting all the letters and then de-petrifying Tamah where does she appear in Feldepost Inn. She kind of disappeared after saying she would share a drink in the inn.

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Guest Kahrk
53 minutes ago, Shin said:

At the far back left side of the inn iirc, bottom level.

oooh She's not there. Is there is a way to spawn her or change EEKeeper variables to get an ending? I kinda want to see how it pans out.

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