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IR Revised V1.3.800 (2022 January 11th)

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It's definitely more directed at the original version of BG1/2, but it has some other changes and should be compatible. Seems like you were on the right trail, and I thought I stamped out the EE-errors, but perhaps I didn't. If you feel like giving it another go, could you send me the .debug file that you got when you tried? (e): I have tried installing on the EE again, and did not run into any errors. Some help here would be ideal.


In other news, I'm finally getting around to compiling a total list of changes: still partial, but check out the second post below the original main post.

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Version 1.10 now out. Makes many balance reversions or bridges somewhere in between with standard IR, along with some fixes. The item design change list has finally been completed (more or less) - refer to the second post in this thread.


Item Changes:

1. Amulet of Energy Shielding: 15% (from 25% - this was too much).

2. Amulet of Cheetah Speed: receives the dexterity and saving throws vs. breath bonus back (seeing as the latest version of SR made Improved Haste less valuable).

3. Acid Arrow: back to the 1D4/round for 2 rounds.

4. Flail of Ages: save penalties for the secondary effects lessened (from an additional -1 penalty for each additional flail head to just -1 at +3 and -2 at +5).

5. Ardulia's Fall and Sword of Arvoreen: the Enfeebling property is now only 1 round.

6. Blackblood: the Acid Splash is 4D4 again (from 3D6).

7. Storm Stars: both versions receive a 50% resistance to electricity, but on SS +4, the Chain Lightning chance is reduced to 5%, while on SS +4, it is reduced to 15% (from 15% and 25% respectively); however, Chain Lightning now does an additional 3D6 damage to the main target.

8. Eagle Bow: 50% chance for Entangling (from 100%).

9. Mana Bow: 25% for Illusion Bane (from 33%).

10. Tansheron's Bow: 25% for Phantom Arrow (from 33%).

11. Taralash: +4 receives the Crippling property again...but only at a 15% chance; +5 had its chance reduced to 25% (from 33%).

12. Gauntlets of Death: the speed factor bonus is reduced to +1.

13. Sunstone Bullet: +2 again, and allows for a save vs. breath like SR's Sunscorch.

14. Mithral Chain Mail +4: now +3 to balance out for the additional AC from the Mithral property.

15. Prismatic Chain: 15% elemental resistance (from 25%).

16. Crimson Chain: 5% chance to trigger Blood Rage (from 15% - with a 5 round duration, this was simply too often).

17. Algernon's Cloak: back to +1 Charisma (from +2...but keeps the 1x per day Charm Person).

18. Traveler's Robe: back to its original design (+2 AC vs. missile weapons, +3 saving throws vs. breath, +2 to movement rate).

19. Boomerang Dagger: 15% chance of Crippling (from 33%).

20. Dragon's Breath: now 1D10 again (from 1D6).

21. Blackmist: now has 3x usages of Black Mist again (...but the blindness only lasts 1 turn, not 2 hours).

22. The Wave: Smashing Wave does 5D4 damage (from 3D6).

23. Ravager +5: the Viperous ability is 5 poison damage/second for 2 rounds (from 3 poison damage/second for 5 rounds).

24. Rift Hammer: the Resonating property also deafens for 2 rounds (save vs. breath negates).

25. Helm of Defense: 1 AC (from 2 - think this was an accident).

26. Pearly White Ioun Stone: restores the regeneration and the fire and acid penalties.

27. Aegar's Hide: 15% elemental resistance (from 25%).

28. Ring of Earth Control: toyed with a Barkskin effect, but it is simply +2 AC again like it used to be.

29. Impaler: the Impaling property is 1D10 again (from 1D6...I think this is too strong, especially for a throwing spear, but oh well - spears are kind of a bad weapon category anyhow).

30. Jhor the Bleeder: the Bleeding property lasts a full turn again.

31. Blade of Searing: the Burning Wounds property is no longer a fire bleeding property, but more like a fire poison property - to prevent the -2 THAC0 penalty from stacking up too high over its duration.

32. Gram the Sword of Grief: no longer usable by paladins (per its description, it is an evil artifact); the +4 version receives a +5% bonus to physical resistance in trade of the magic resistance (increases to 10% when upgraded).

33. Necaradan's Crossbow: 25% for the Sharpshoot invisibility property (from 33%).

34. Firetooth +5: every bolt explodes again.

35. Wong Fei's Ioun Stone: regeneration nerfed to 1 hp/2 rounds (it outshines Pearly White Ioun Stone otherwise, which seems silly).

36. Arrow of Slaying/Bolt of Polymorphing: these are now +2.

37. Moon Dog Figurine: now usable by neutral characters, too (but still no evil, as per its description).


Some other miscellaneous fixes, including a few usability fixes and some more small text fixes.

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Nice to see a new update, Bartimaeus! ;)


I see that the rebalancing is mostly a further nerfing for several items and I am not sure I personally agree since IR has already done much nerfing already by itself.


Have you noticed these two bug reports from Luke?




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The nerfing I did was actually mostly stuff I had originally boosted - for example, items with elemental or energy resistance, which I think I just had boosted a little too far (e.g. Amulet of Energy Shielding - 25% to all forms of magical energy added up to 125%! Huge for a single item). If you started equipping all of them, you could start getting virtually total immunity to all the elements just via items, which just seemed like too much. Similarly, the bows I nerfed a little in this latest version are all still mildly stronger than they were in vanilla IR. There were also some items I have "unnerfed" in this latest version, like Firetooth, Impaler, Dragon's Breath, Jhor, and Ring of Earth Control. It just kind of depended, I guess.


I will provide an updated version with that stuff fixed shortly, as well as a report log of what exactly was fixed. I have already confirmed that at least one IR shield had incorrect usabilities, so I'll check the rest out.


(edit): 1.10a released.

1. Fixed shield usabilities: SHLD06 (Large Shield +1), SHLD15 (Large Shield), SHLD18 (Large Shield), SHLD23 (Fortress Shield), and SHLD30 (Large Shield +2). Seems like it only applied to these four five large shields.

2. Dagger of Venom: MISC75 (Dagger of Venom) was additionally also incorrectly usable by Beastmasters and Clerics.

3. Portrait icons: already fixed in my version (indeed, I had manually added icons for most item effects before this - I understand that some people don't care for this and prefer such icons be reserved for only the proper spells, but I like knowing at a glance if, for example, my character has resistance to fire or not. For those of you where that's the case, I think there's a component in the BG2/Anthology Tweakpack that removes all of them.).

4. Other graphical issues: N/A to my version, as far as I'm aware (since I have rolled back all 1pp changes). Haven't ever noticed any such problems after installing 1PP, either. (e): Ack, actually, now that I think about it, not totally true. There will probably be a couple of problems with EE installs - if, for example, EE has its own bastard sword paperdolls, and shortbow paperdolls, then IR (both normal IR and my version of it) will overwrite that because they don't exist in non-EE installs. Hmm. If I could get somebody who wants to help me fix this for the EE, I can probably think of a solution involving EE-only versions of items, though.


I'm still looking for feedback on installation issues with the Enhanced Edition: I have tested it myself and did not run into any problems, but Luke apparently did. Willing to help out to get such problems fixed (maybe I'll shoot Luke a PM). Additionally, I said this before, but if someone wants to get me a list of new items from the Enhanced Editions (as I haven't really played the EEs), I can at least do a description-formatting update so they match the rest of IR's item formatting.


(e): Final note: looking for a home for Mauler's Arm on an enemy. In vanilla IR, this mace is only +1 and you can buy it at the Copper Cornet (IIRC). I have upgraded it to +2 for the time being, on the logic that I just can't see a reason for buying what's essentially a Mace +1 with only a +2 STR bonus. It's a terrible usage of money. So if somebody can think of a relatively early enemy to put this on so I can revert it back to being +1, I'm all ears.

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I am really glad you decided to share your take and provide an updated version which includes many needed fixes.


I suppose that like for the original version of IR, you will need feedback from people using IRR.


I am certainly going to be one of them. ;)

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Yes, I think I have fixed all of the bugs in the latest bug report thread that could be fixed within IR for the time being - at least, I hope so (EE-specific bugs notwithstanding). The only ones I'm not sure about are mercurier's from a few months back - I'll have to check those out to make sure and maybe release another fix if I didn't.


Also, as said earlier, I have more or less completed the item content tweak document in the second post, so you should be able to directly see how my item design tweaks compare to vanilla IR's. If there's something you feel is a terrible idea, feel free to let me know. I provided some justifications for a few of the stronger redesigns, but not for all. Any additional feedback, including possibly new item placements (for example, some of the bonus merchant items, or the Jade Hound Figurine), again, I'm all ears.


Finally, 1pp fixes has been updated to 1.02c, but the fix is relatively minor (hence only a letter change). Should not make much, if any difference, if you installed with 1.02c - I had incorrectly merged the BWP Fixpack's fixes for 1pp's projectiles, which...may not have even done anything by not being merged, but just in case, they are now.

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Congrats for the new version Bartimaeus! I'm using an older version (1.08 maybe?) with a heavily modded game (1pp, megamods + kitchen sink), and apart from the dart issue we discussed about in august there haven't been any significant bugs that I have noticed. I haven't paid very much attention to every detail such as percentages of resistances or usability flags, just because in a megamod game there are myriad of items, but at least we'll see how IRR reacts with other mods. I am however, using a classic BGT game so I can't help you with EE.

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There will be an incoming patch (within the next few days) to help fix compatibility with the EEs. The short bow and bastard swords animations have been re-enabled via an EE-only patch, and there were a number of compatibility problems with shields (and possibly helmets - still investigating) that will be fixed. Thanks to Luke for helping me out on Enhanced Edition compatibility! P.S. I checked mercurier's listed two bugs, and it looks like I had already fixed them.



I lied: it wasn't as much work as I thought it would be. In the Enhanced Editions, helmets should now look like this again (and with the correct animations): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/bd35u0wt2fo72t2/2018-01-05_12-13-26.mp4 and shields should now look like this again (and again, with the correction animations): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/gqazwlb9tw6pgfm/2018-01-05_12-24-54.mp4. Additionally fixes a bug with vanilla EE's Helm of the Rock and the Golden Horned Helm (both of them use incorrect animations - it's a problem leftover from when they applied 1ppv4 to the EEs, as 1ppv4 has the same exact problem). If you see any inconsistencies or items that are using non-optimal graphics (e.g. it's possible not every plate armor got the correct icon or coloring), feel free to let me know.


Additionally, we (or Luke, rather - thanks again) discovered that it's very difficult for MacOS users to install via my archive because MacOS does not handle folder overwriting the same as Windows does. That's not great. I do not currently have permission to re-distribute the entirety of Item Revisions, only my modified files, so that's something to look out for, MacOS users. PM me if you run into any trouble.

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I got lot of error when i unzip the file with unrar. Should i use 7zip, or the file is corrupted ?

I did the extraction with winrar and got no errors... so, the archive is not broken. It's either your OS&unrar, or the download. But the former is far more likely.
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Here's a zip if you want to try that instead.


1.11a changelog:

1. Fixed a crash with Shield of Harmony if you were not using either the EEs or 1PP.

2. Moved Web Sack from drow store (too late in the game to be worth the bother) to Pai'Na for installs that do not have UB's Spider's Bane installed. I don't love this, because Pai'Na is not a very difficult encounter and she already gives you the Trueblood's Ioun Stone (IIRC) and Kitthix.

3. Fixed the Claw of Kazgaroth appearing twice.

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