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Timing modes


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For stat bonuses, I think that "timing mode" 9 adds an actual creature effect "<stat> bonus" to the creature (which is why it shows up as red), rather than altering the CREs actual stats.


In general, I always thought the 9 simply means "don't evaluate until the creature is already loaded" (meaning that the effects are added to the CRE file, and then applied once all the voodoo that happens when the creature loads is done). It works more like a "duration," without the duration.


In any case, I've never seen death affect permanent effects of any sort (if 9 adds a CRE effect, then it's likely that creature effects simply aren't applied when the target creature is dead). CTRL+R does seem to dispel some legitimate effects, however (even those set to "timing mode" 1; I'm not sure how the engine evaluates this).

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Yes, 9 never modifies base stats.

But when an effect with timing mode 1 doesn't modify base stats, it is gone on death.

So sometimes using 1 is more permanent than 9, but if your effect stuck on the creature with 1, it doesn't survive a death.

There are other permanent timing modes :)

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I would note that effect "Protection from Spell" 205 (and similar) do not remove effects with timing mode 9!

That was me.


EDIT: I have read this topic again and I've spotted post about effect 205 and timing mode 9 and I got a fright somebody posted it before me. But then I have realized that it was written by me. I think it is time to have a rest.

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