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"Inlining" (in the context of WeiDU) is simply defining external data internally. So, for Sim's example, you would do something like this:


<<<<<<<< Sim/Ding/0/bhcrypt.baf


In the Tp2, you can then perform any action on Sim/Ding/0/bhcrypt.baf as if it were an actual, physical file on the disk (so, you can COMPILE it, COPY it, etc.).


It's probably better to stay away from inlining, if for no other reason than keeping the Tp2 as clean as possible. Unless somebody wants to come up with some clear guidelines for what can and cannot be inlined (maybe only script or dialogue updates consisting of only one block), and a fairly strict naming convention.

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I'll be using inlining, since although it's only marginally better than regular REPLACE_BCE_BLOCK which did I mention is really useless and shitty blah blah blah, it does mean I don't have to create a million BAFs to patch all the broken scripts in the game.

I don't really think you can compare inlining with REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK, since they're quite different. I'm in favour of inlining instead of create a lot of baf's, d's and other files, yes.

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