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A Last Name for Jahiera


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I'm working on developing an NPC mod for Keiria Silverstrings and I was going to involve Jahiera and Khalid in her story line. I wanted to know if you've developed a last name for Jahiera and also for Khalid. I'd like to be consisitent if possible.



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I'm going to have to agree with Bri on this one (unless she's not actually saying *she's* one of the ones that dislikes that). Adding a last name to an existing character bugs me for some reason. Possibly because if it's a name I don't like, and it becomes popular in various mods, I will like that mod less for that simple reason.


It's like arbitrarily changing Jaheira's charisma from... uh, 14? Whatever the hell it is now, to 20, because it's the Jaheira romance-enhancement Mod.


Edit: And the Alora mod you're making is for BG2, right, NiGHTMARE?

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Well, I think one can always get away with a less rigid thing, like giving a character a nickname if so desired - a person can have lots of those, and we see it in quazy-medieval literature all the time - it is no problem if it is not used by all.

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