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Gives imps, mephits, quasits and the rest of the pesky flying critters, including familiars, a leg-up. Imps and quasits get colored skin (dust mephits are still gray), and all of them get more, new and better sounds. They will snicker, mumble and generally make themselves felt, and they move with a hop. Should be compatible with any version that allows adding animations.

My thanks go to kjeron for help with this.



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Are there any major differences between this mod and the components of aTweaks?


Distinctive creature coloring
This component will recolor certain creatures to more clearly differentiate them from each other. Most notably Flesh, Stone, Clay, Sand, Juggernaut, Iron and Adamantite Golems now all have distinctive appearances. Furthermore all Mephits (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Magma, Air, Earth, Mist...etc.) now have unique colors, Giant, Snow, Ice and Desert Trolls can now be easily distinguished from their regular cousins, Imps (tinted red) can now easily be distinguished from Quasits (tinted green), Greater Mummies are tinged with golden colors which makes them stand out from regular Mummies and Nishruu are now tinted red which makes it easier to distinguish them from the gray colored Hakeashars. Finally, this component also makes it easier to distinguish between Balors, Pit Fiends and Nabassu. It also makes Bone Fiends, Maurezhi and Hellcats stand out from Bone Golems, Ghouls and Panthers, respectively. Furthermore, Dryads, Hamadryads, Nymphs, Sirines, Nereids and Succubi now use different color templates as well and Aerial Servants stand out a bit more from Lesser Air Elementals. For reference, the new creature colors match the appropriate descriptions and illustrations from the PnP source material as closely as possible. A screenshot gallery is available online.

Distinctive creature soundsets
This component assigns a unique soundset to Shambling Mounds rather than having them mimic the Earth Elemental soundset. It also assigns a new soundset to all Mariliths in the game which is based on Yxunomei, the Marilith from Icewind Dale. Finally, it assigns the proper soundsets to all Dryads, Nymphs, Nereids, Sirines, Succubi and Water Elementals.


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I haven't tried this so I can't tell how exactly they did it, but probably there is. For one thing "tinting" might mean they applied coloring effects to the creature files. I recolored the actual animation files. There is a difference. Plus my imps and quasits have a sound component. They move with a hop, they have different voices, they mumble... It's a new creature.

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I listened to them all when I was making this, and if after all the little handsome squeaks and grunts the imp suddenly bellows unpleasantly, that is to remind the player that this is, in fact, a devil.

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