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DLG for Lilarcor?


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Uhm, I am not sure how Lilarcor works, but I assumed it used a dlg file. I found a strref for one of his lines and made a search via NI, which turned out no refreences to the string in the dlg file. So... could anyone tell how it works? Thank you :bday:

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Item dialogues are set by the ITEMDIAL.2DA file. The format is as such:


Itemname LABEL File


The first colum is the item reference (Lilarcor)


Label is the reference to dialog.tlk that tells what is displayed on the button on the item screen. 5689 is conversible.


FILE is the dialog file that is started when you click on the Conversible button.



If you were wondering how the strings and lines appeared over the wielder's head, that uses a DisplayStringHead command in baldur.bcs that displays a random line on a timer.

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The game displays the portrait of the character 'talking' to Lilarcor, but does not update their "talked to" count. I suspect this is because they are not talking to someone using a script action.


Perhaps the engine is creating a virtual character for the purpose of dialog. I doubt the engine would update a "talked to" count in this case, but even if it did, such a value would be thrown away at the end of the dialog session.


Also, dialog doesn't begin immediately after you press the Converse button; you must first exit to the main view window and then the dialog will begin.

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