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Some Individuals (mod for SoA/Tutu or possibly only for EE)

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Guest Bibgy's Bitchslap

Some of the recolored non-human bandits are hostile in the bandit camp even if you take the infiltration option. If one has "Tougher Chapter Three End Battle" from SCS installed, this will trigger the chapter end boss fight by calling out Venkt & co.

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Not because of my mod. Except that some bandits are randomly replaced with different ones, from ready files - halflings, half-ogres... and those are hostile. Well, there is nothing to be done about that without overhauling the whole mod. I'm not responsible for anything in the Stratagems mod.

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I don't think he would do that. And why should he? I don't think it makes much sense for the boss fight to begin just because there are some hostile bandits outside, but I see the concept. As far as this mod is concerned, I don't feel like going back to it, but if anyone wants to open it up and study the bandit component, they are welcome to it. What probably happens is that in the spell that I put on bandits, besides recoloring, there are some random CRE replacements so that bandits use different weapons, some of them are of different races and so on. Since 99% of bandits encountered will be hostile, those are red-circle CREs. However, a really dedicated modder could put an extra condition in that spell, with effect 177, so that if the bandit is hostile, then he gets replaced with a red-circle CRE, and if the bandit is neutral, he gets replaced with a blue-circle version of that CRE. This would eliminate the problem, unless the bandits at the camp also have special scripted actions, like shouts, which they probably do, and mods like SCS might fine-tune them some more. In that case this super-dedicated modder would have to study which CRE files the camp bandits use (not BANDIT.CRE) and put on those bandits a replacement-free, colors-only version of the spell.

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Hi Temnix,

thanks for this great addition. 

for the record, this mod is not compatible with classic BG. could you please indicate it or remove opcode from spl that does not exited in classic bg ?

On 9/11/2020 at 1:34 AM, temnix said:

Install order doesn't matter

It is not totally true, and it is better installing this mod early and before mods that change scripts, spells and creatures.

On 3/28/2021 at 8:32 PM, Guest Bibgy's Bitchslap said:

bandits are hostile in the bandit camp

Maybe a simple way, is to force all bandits to have a bandit.bcs script and avoid creatures without this script to replace bandits; for exemple BANDIO_#.cre don't have this script.

On technical level, why do you use sometimes OPCODE 135 (polymorph) and other time OPCODE 53 (Animation change) ? it seems that to avoid issues like hostile bandit, OPCODE 53 is better.

All those things aside, I think that this mod make the game feel more natural, thanks for it.

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The answer to all these questions is: I don't remember. :) 

Seriously, it's been a couple of years, or maybe only a year, but that's quite long enough. If I used Polymorph sometimes and at other times Animation Change, there must have been a reason. Most likely I wanted a complete replacement of the bandit, with different weapons, gender and voice (important) in some cases. In others I simply wanted a different body type - slimmer or tougher, on the range between Elf, Human Cleric and Human Fighter. All in all, there may be some misconceptions in there that I had at the time, the basic bandit conversion is much older than the rest of the changes. But they don't cause problems. I did test and play with the bandits on my BG:EE. As for compatibility with the classic BG, I wish I could wave my hand and make it so all of the newer, incompatible effects went away, and then upload a version everyone could enjoy. I really do. But actually it would take prying open all of the files and their dependents, checking them and figuring out replacements and alternatives... Hmm, maybe I should look into that, by way of entombing myself. But any modder already has my permission to look inside and do that job. I repeat, the best way to solve the camp issue is to find out which CRE files are used in the camp and recolor them with a custom splash of the bucket.

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Look, there is no way to make this compatible with the original Baldur's Gate. Or the original Icewind Dale, which used more or less the same engine. Just forget that one. The only divide here is between compatible with the SoA engine and Tutu, that engine's retroactive application to the first game, vs. only for the EE engine. I believe I isolated the effects that would crash the SoA engine, installing for an EE is simply going to result in a richer experience - all those extras I mentioned. But if someone gets a crash while playing with this mod, and the mod is to blame, report that to me, and I'll try to find the reason.


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@temnix, thanks for creating this fantastic mod. It adds a bit of flavor that was missing from these games.

Since you gave permission earlier in this thread, I decided to look into the issue with the hostile bandits that appear when infiltrating the bandit camp. I also encountered a similar issue with Raiken's bandit group in Peldvale. As you suspected, it was an issue with different CRE files being used by the game in these instances, and I was able to make some minor additions to the mod such that the bandits in these areas function as expected. I tested these additions in both BGEE (version 1.3) and BGT. As a side benefit, while testing in BGT I encountered a couple of crash issues related to other changes made by this mod, and was able to address those as well. The changes I made to ensure compatibility with the original BG2 engine are not applied when installing this mod to an EE game. I have not tested this mod exhaustively in BGT, but I suspect that it is, by and large, compatible with the original BG2 engine provided that the 1PP mod is also installed.

I have attached a zip archive containing the fixes to this post. Anyone wishing to apply these fixes should extract this archive to the directory where the Some Individuals mod folder is located, being sure to overwrite files (only the .tp2 file is actually overwritten). For those interested, I have also included a readme file in the archive that explains the changes I made.

Some Individuals - Fixes.zip

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Well, this is the prime example of how to make trash coding look good - the same effect can be achieved via applying EFF files applying opcode 7s and opcode 8s to these creatures without causing mod-compat issues, but temnix polymorphs creatures into others on the fly, which then obviously breaks the AI.

I also guess the crashes on classic are caused by the lack of 1PP's extended palette on classic, but what do I know.

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Graion, you are an ass. You have shown yourself to be one elsewhere. You are simply shooting your mouth off. This mod achieves its recoloring exactly by application of very many effects number 7, naturally, and other adjustments such as a speed boost and stealth for xvarts through other effects, but a portion of the bandits have to be replaced altogether for the diversity that is required here so that some of them are women, some are halflings, some are half-ogres. On those random rolls the basic bandit has to be polymorphed into another creature with its own sounds, stats and so on - prepared by me with the scripts etc. otherwise identical. All of these replacements apply to the standard bandits. There are no and have never been crashes on the old engine, except where, possibly, I might have used some opcodes that do not exist in the new engine, but I have long since fixed all that. The problem with the bandit camp (solved by that patch in the head post some time ago) had to do not with anything about this mod but with Sword Coast Stratagems where the designers wrote special script conditions for the local bandits - and made them different. The burden of compatibility with other mods was on those people, not on me, and in any case it only occurred rarely, but as I wanted this mod compatible with SCS, I was glad when eyre came along and addressed that.

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Planning to use this mod because it sounds really cool. Question - do the things highlighted by Graion happen when you are in a megamod setting, or I can be reasonably sure that if I got a slim mod order I can dodge these issues?

Graion's comment on reddit about this mod (see here:

😞It's implementation isn't foulproof though, breaks scenarios where the monsters are counted, and can conflict not just with other mods but any scripts involving the characters you're changing because of your creature switches. Which you decided to blame on other mods and then ad hominem when I found that inappropriate as a response.

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I’ve had my tiffs with Graion but I would never deny that he endeavours to be helpful and informative, with posts often backed up by solid data. He knows his way around Weidu and the game files, and cares about mid compatibility. In this instance I believe him; I would not touch any temnix mod with a 10-foot pole. 

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