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EET, Baeloth, and Drizzt

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Greetings, all!

Let's assume our party recruits Baeloth near the start of BG1.  (This isn't The Black Pits.)  Can we take him into SoDBG2?

Since we aren't importing gear into BG2, if we kill or steal from Drizzt in BG1, does he still remember what we did and act upon it?


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Baeloth is available in SoD, but not in BGII as in the original game(s).

The original script checks for Drizzt's weapons in Irenicus Dungeon (i.e. whether the party had them when they got kidnapped). I'm not aware EET changes that but didn't check.

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For EET, let's assume our group recruits Baeloth in BG1 and parks him somewhere convenient before SoD ends.  (Hypothetically, he'll be outside Durlag's Tower.)  What happens when we revisit the area in BG2 where we found him?  Can we rerecruit him?

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NPCs with BGII content that were in the party.

The "original" BG1 NPCs that were never in party will despawn because they have the wrong script etc. and wouldn't function properly in BGII. This does not mean that cameo appearances or the SoD/BGII versions of these NPCs will not appear. I am talking about the NPCs spawned for the BG1 part of the game, e.g. Ajantis at the Fishing Village and Kivan at High Hedge etc.

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6 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

Could I for example go back and do Durlag's Tower once I had progressed to BG2?

You can. There is no one to stop you... but the NPCs case is that as the BG2 has already started, the removal of their BG1 avatars us done to remove the edge case where their voice packs, pictures etc changes happen. And so you no longer get to meat Minsc the Ranger at Nashkel ... or Branwens the statuet at the Nashkel's Carnival.

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