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Why, hello. Yes, I did decide to stop back here and implement a couple of ideas. "Animate Dead Now" also turned out to be uninstallable, but I'm working on it. It'll have more stuff in it, too. By the way, for you or anyone else who might be interested, I could use a hand with another mod idea. Especially if they had experience putting together kits.

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When you 

meet the demon lord in Ust Nasta, you can ask him for more power. Unluckily, making such a question leads you to a disappointing turn of events. For sure, a Demon Lord would try to offer you something and require you something else. Be it a quest, an item, or something in particular.

Or maybe unlock a special kit, but he will ask more and more from you. Would be cool to see if he will try to turn you into a slave, or more of a mutual understanding of each other needs.

It would be also cool to have a kit


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Wrote a lenghty post, but turns out that having spoilers inside spoiler makes your message disappear. Nice.



1) When you meet the demon lord in Ust Nasta, you can ask him for more power. Unluckily, making such a question leads you to a disappointing turn of events. For sure, a Demon Lord would try to offer you something and require you something else. Be it a quest, an item, or something in particular.

Also, I wonder what kind of relationship he would have with a Child of Bhaal 

2) The ranger kit proposed by you was interesting due to the fact that you have a vision of the kit that I didn't see it being shared by other kit makers.



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Finishing and boosting "Animate Dead Now" is my main goal. Besides mechanics, there will be a pretty hefty chunk of questing for BG2. I detest that game, in fact, I didn't realize how badly written it is and how tasteless until recently, but Xzar in BG1 gets a special ability, similar to Animate Dead, and I thought that it should be available to players in the sequel. So I'm making Xzar a joinable companion there and rewriting the whole "Harper bird" story. Montaron may come in too in consequence. This all takes time, though. In the meantime I'll be taking diversions with different, small ideas. The new kit is not a small idea, though, it's a very large one. Joining up with someone who at least can write in a finished kit easily, without having to go through a kit-making tutorial, would be nice.

I remember the demon lord in the Underdark, and that it was disappointing. A whole kit for that would be too much, but some special power on the evil side is possible.


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For Animate Dead Now...

-[url=https://discord.gg/GfEh9GkQbE]Discord for ToEE Modding[/url].  The Circle of EIght AKA Co8 Modding Community has been actively updated by Sitra Achara (primarily) and Allyx, anatoliy, _doug_, and ShiningTed (secondarily) as of late.  This post may be what you want, but ask around on Co8!

-Requests: For the BGIIEE portion of Animate Dead Now, may we transform our party members via Lichdom, Vampirism, and Death Knighthood?  I'm especially interested in the Lichdom.  Quests involving this transformation are optional, though a quest to become a vampire for vampirism for Bodhi is most sensical.  (I'm aware that Vampire World lets various characters become vampires, but I think you'll do it better.)  I wrote more on implementing Lichdom in BG here.


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Personally, I wouldn't enjoy any of these things you are asking and they would make no sense in Baldur's gate, they were asked in the past and (also) debunked to be impossible for a bhaalspawn

In AD&D you even have 25 as a maximum, and vampiric transformation (And yes, there are mods already that add that, a german one, in the same place of the sarevok armor mod) can add you +8 STR +X DEX +X CON. They are ultraoverpowered because there is no real AI behind the npcs, if you had a party of liches or if you were a vampire all it was needed was just one cleric and you would get destroyed. 

Ironically, any evil cleric could control you. What's the appeal? Slowly moving toward targets via the slow walking speed of the lich?


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There won't be a lich or vampire transformation, so stop arguing about them here. There may, however, be another kind of transformation, quite by AD&D rules... and there is already a spell called Qlippothic Flesh. That's plenty eldritch and evil.

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Very cool. I had planned to create a mod like this, but I never got around to it. A few additional ideas:

- Dealing with gated demons to gain blackguardhood (for paladins and fighters).

- Convert to a different deity/kit at temples (for clerics) with a few offering paladinhood (e.g. church of Helm). 

- Becoming a ranger or druid at the druid grove (fighters or clerics). 

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Excellent news mod is fully functional in the EET. Pickpocketing npcs will make charname paladin become fallen one. After about 3 days fallen paladin becomes fighter. Then blackguard but I haven't tested that part yet. Pickpocketing store in Shadow of Amn triggers correctly punishment for leader paladin to become fallen one.

The mod is nuance highly recommended if you intend to role play a legit paladin or ranger.







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