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I Was looking at hardcore gamer https://pihwiki.bgforge.net/Baldur%27s_Gate:_Races_and_Stats
it said you fixed the race sleep, wands, etc.
What files were changed to accomplish this? I can't find this in the mod (downloaded but not installed).

Nor in ni or dltcep
I probably would install this but I have modded many things (2da, items, bams, spells, dialog) none were weidu, just me changing things as the came.

side note, I was reading the kit tutorial and it did not mention disadvantages (or I skimmed over), are those hardcodded?

Wow more than 10 years gone and I still remembered my PW for G3!

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Good to see you are still around Jastey!

I saw your post Hook, but I did not see the links (I use no-script, till i login) I saw the cover readme not the web readme. that is a huge help thank you.

this mod is a monster.  I am getting a little nauseous just scrolling through just one section of this thing. 🤢

I wonder if I can just slam it in with my current install, ugg I so do not want to try to find and remove / backup my modded files un-install the few mods I have (1pp, ease and item, dbg, ToD) then put in this and replace. 

Edit: and not install ease

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The Elven/Half-Elven Sleep/Charm fix is a bit of a bear. Basically, every spell or item that uses a sleep or charm that should be resisted has to be patched to use a series of EFF files that block the effect (90% chance for elves, 30% for half-elves) at the time it's used.

If you turn on 'modder notes', you can see all of the files patched in the documentation, specifically the 'Game Mechanics' section under the "Elven and Half-Elven Resistance to Sleep and Charm" header.

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