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Boo, the Intrepid Hamster

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Like the dynamic duo, Minsc just wouldn't be Minsc without his sidekick Boo. However, Boo has always been hampered by being Minsc's silent partner...until now.


Character Sheet:



Class: Wizard Slayer

Race: Unique

Alignment: Chaotic Good

HP: 123 HP

STR: 11

DEX: 18

CON: 17

INT: 9

WIS: 7

CHA: 10



Upon the flight from Irenicus' dungeon, Imoen confronted the foul mage with little effect. However, the haphazard flight of her spells happened to land on an innocent bystander in the whole fray...Boo. As a result, the doughty hamster is stuck in a form neither human nor hamster, but an unwholesome amalgam of both.


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A warrior is certain to pick up a few tricks in their travels, and Boo was no different, though some might say his...mentors...come from less than wholesome sources.


HLA: Eye Gouge

Said to have originated by a wise sage simply called the The Third Stooge, this maneuver can bring the mightiest foe down. The legend is that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and by taking their orbs, one can consume the spirit of their foe and partake of their power. Whatever the truth, this ability is highly effective for Boo.


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HLA: Hellrake

One thing Boo didn’t figure on after his transformation is that a rodent’s teeth tend to keep growing throughout their life. It is only with constant gnawing that one’s teeth is kept in shape…and Boo found that armor and bone is a good substitute. Given his low center of gravity and unnatural speed, Boo finds he can take an opponent out of a fight almost as quickly as it begins just by savaging their unmentionables.


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How important is Boo being a wizardslayer?  Somehow, I think Monk might be more suitable, especially considering that he's unarmed.


I can understand your reluctance in making yet another monk, though.

Monk could work as well. The only reason for Wizardslayer is due to Minsc's influence, actually.

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I agree with Rastor in a way; Misc is really into mages, despite the misfired spell - he adored Dynaheir...


How about starting him off as a fighter and giving him an option to chose depending on the influences? Say, if Yoshimo is in the party, he could become a Monk or Kensai, if Korgan is in, then he can become a Berserker? If Valygar is in, then a Wisardslayer? That all would be done of course with the loss of levels...

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This is something we might look into as time and coding restrictions permit, but we feel that Minsc's inherent dislike of evil wizards (Red Wizards and Irenicus in particular) really do point Boo in the direction of Wizard Slayer.


Alternatively, we could make some customizations to Boo's kit, making him a sort of Monk/Wizard Slayer hybrid, which is kind of appropriate really.

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If we decide to go with a new kit, we'll take it into consideration. However, we might use something like "Righteous Smiter", at least as far as everyone except is concerned.


Minsc will always have his own brand of vocabulary. :)

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