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GemRB has a NEWS file that is updated regularly (about every hundred revisions) and contains the bigger feature additions and fixes, ultimately becoming the published changelog when a release happens.


You can view the current NEWS file by following this link:



The release changelogs can be read more easily at our project page.

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New GemRB version!


GemRB V0.2.5 (2005-08-22):

New features:

- Save game

- Effects are now loaded

- Equipping effects in items

- Spawn points in areas

- Textscreen (scrolled text between chapters)


Improved features:

- GameScript is now much more reliable: Action override works, triggers fire

once and then get cleared

- fully working Store screen

- fixed padding of message window rows (in dialogs)

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GemRB V0.2.6 (2005-12-06):

New features:

- Effects are in a different plugin

- DoxyGen docs

- Wallgroup covers

- Door triggers

- Action menus (talk/attack)

- party/protagonist death handled


Improved features:

- Textscreen graphic fixed

- script workflow

- compilation and running on different systems (MacOSX, PPC Linux)

- various leaks/instabilities fixed

- Saving games

- inventory screens in many games



Additionally to those (in cvs version only):

- worldmap travel

- portrait icons in dialogue

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Development didn't stop, just halted.

There was a good deal of improvement with rendering vvc's both stationary and moving with actors.


I've noticed a major update, was it what you mentioned above?

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Guest Aurelinus
Yes, and a bit more.

There is a partial implementation of combat. (1/3 done).


You can test the new improvements with custom items, like a sanctuary ring.


Hmm... I am watching the progress with no hope you ever make it real or if so there will be just only a few of us still interested in it... To be honest the auditory decreases right now one by one... Haven't you ever thought to simulate most important functions (like increasing animo' slots, 3D&D rules and so on) on existing BG2 engine with the apllication similar to IWG? Was it even possible?


And how about creating alternative to TIS file - BMPs are too large I believe - couldn'd this alternate TIS read compressed JPG? The loss of quality is rather symbolical.

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You complain that the progress is slow, ask for new features not existing in the original engine while not offering any help.


JPG is obviously a no as it is a patented format.


Increasing animation slots is already done, by the way.

Inventory is also customisable.

3rd ruleset is problematic, i think we cannot hardcode it without running into trouble.

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