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Is it just me or is it a commonplace problem that lighting textures in bgee v2.6.60 look like a pixellated mess?

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It happens when you see fire textures of bonfires, torches, lanterns and some magical orbs that serve as sources of illumination. The lighting  looks like crap. 
Smoke from chimneys, that column of light from draw upon holy might all look pixellated but not so severe as background lighting. Is it the limitation of upscaling old textures?


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You can try disabling the 'Nearest Neighbor Scaling' option. It should be a little less pixelated but more blurry. There is also the 'Alternate Renderer' setting that has some tiny differences in rendering, you can try both to see which one you prefer.

But it will not do miracle as the game is quite old and the textures are not in 4K.

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On 6/21/2022 at 5:36 PM, Parys said:

This is known issue and this problem stems from the decision to throw catmul rom renderer aside. The pre 2.x version of BGEE 1&2 does not have such a problem.

Steam is still offering a 1.3 version of bgee 1&2 without such an issues.

I also noticed that 1.3 ee has better graphics like the oBG. Is it a viable thing to use v1.3 though, since it's probably rampant with bugs and incompatible with mods.

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It's depend on what mode you are going to use.

TweaksPack, SCS version 30, and AscensionBETAv1506082016 works perfectly.

Many pre 2.x (2016) mods works fine as well. Fixpack is included in bgee 1.3.

That way, you have the same experience like oBG with widescreen mod and many other improvements while retaining old-school spirit of oBG.


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16 hours ago, Graion Dilach said:

I'll be honest, I find Catmull-Rom wrong. I launched IWD 1.4 a few times for debugging and it felt like I am looking at the screen with multifocal glasses.

Yeah, I'll second this.

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