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Weidu path issue on Linux w/13.4

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On Linux, installing eet.tp2 (weinstall ./eet/eet.tp2) fails with a message that weidu is not found.  This is obviously nonsensical, since EET is being installed through Weidu.

The problem is, eet.tp2 for some reason is looking for the weidu binary under /eet/bin/unix/weidu and not using the weidu in the path.  Copying weidu to /eet/bin/unix/weidu or making a symlink here allows EET to find weidu and install correctly.

Worked under 12.1.  Weidu version is 24900.



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That's something i didn't experience. And I have installed it quit ea number of times.

I don't see any uses of such a command in EET, but I see it in EET_end (EET_end/EET_end.tp2) but that's a

meaning it uses a weidu binary inside the EET mod itself (why!?)
I see you use
weinstall ./eet/eet.tp2
I never use the ./ myself. Is the problem the same if yo just do
weinstall eet/eet.tp2
(grasping at straws, here)
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EET uses the internal WeiDU binary to create EET_end and EET_gui installers dynamically when EET core installed successfully.

Have you installed EET on a 32-bit Linux system or used a 32-bit WeiDU binary to install EET? It looks like EET removed the 32-bit WeiDU binary in EET v13.0. Your workaround of adding a WeiDU binary manually to EET/bin/unix should work though.

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Have you installed EET on a 32-bit Linux system or used a 32-bit WeiDU binary to install EET?

Yes, it's a 32-bit Linux system so I guess the binary has been removed from newer EET's.

Not a big deal as it's easy to work around.

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47 minutes ago, AL|EN said:

@Axatax Removal of 32-bit binary was made for a reason. If you install many mods, EET_End will fail with 'Out of memory' error and other mods like SCS might not install at all.

Duly noted.  FWIW, I finished a large install last night (with SCS) and it worked out fine.

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