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A script block in baldur.bcs meant for the BG2 portion can execute in BG1

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In the vanilla BG2EE and EET baldur.bcs we have this:

    RESPONSE #100

I think this is supposed to happen only in the bg2 portion of the game. BG2EE V2.6.6.0 with EET V13.4. I don't remember any such block in the old non-EE BG2. Was this added in the EE or was it always there?

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The reason I think this should not execute in the BG1 portion is that cowled wizards play no role in that game. It's the same reason that your reputation resets when you  transition to BG2.

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Yes, I see the point. EET should add Global("EndOfBG1","GLOBAL",2) to that script block. Unless EET handles the situation differently since there is bgbaldur.bcs and bdbaldur.bcs in EET, too. I'm not sure whether baldur.bcs is the one valid for all games or just BG2? I know that I add mod added script blocks to the game specific bg/bd/baldur.bcs scripts, I just don't know what EET_End does with regard to merging in the end.

It's the same for BGT btw, it isn't tagged there, either.

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It was never intentional (at one point I had issues with HTTPS git connections and had to fall back to SSH connections which led me to lose sync with remotes, I presume this repo was also affected), but the French translation wouldn't affect any of my direct bugfixes anyway. I've fixed this locally however and rebased the graion-all-in branch to include the translation fixes in that one. Thanks!

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