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[BUG v16] Unique Icons makes flaming fist helms green on BG:EE

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on BG:EE, if component 170 "Unique Icons [Lava] -> Only replace icons that aren't already unique: v16" is installed after ~NOSTALGIAPACK/NOSTALGIAPACK.TP2~ #0 #60 // Restore BG1 Flaming Fist appearance: RC4, Flaming Fist NPCs' helms are green.



Flaming Fist mercenaries are equipped with HELM09.itm, which has a conspicuous color code for the helm set to green. Running a --change-log on HELM09.itm shows that nostalgiapack unbiffed and modified it, followed only by cdtweaks 170. The version that nostalgiapack generated does not have the green code.

weidu.log, change-log output, and both versions of the itm file attached.


_helm09 bug.7z

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Another oddity of Nostalgia Pack helmets being borked by Lava's unique icons. On BG:EE, Nostalgia Pack Component 50 "Restore BG1 Icon Icons and Appearances" created or unbiffed helm11.itm. Lava's component 170 modifies it to change the icon and the paperdoll appearance, but the new appearance isn't valid.

This is the helm after Lava's modification of the ITM's appearance field to "h6".



The nostalgiapack version used h5, which renders correctly.


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