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Potential Ninde/EET Bug?

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I have run into a game-breaking bug with Ninde during the transition from SoA to ToB. Essentially what happens is that any time I talk to her during ToB, it re-initiates the dialogue that immediately follows her restoration scene at the end of SoA (which also replays the ending of SoA and restarts ToB).

I had this happen on an earlier playthrough and, although I tried fiddling with several variables in EEKeeper, I could never resolve it. So I just gave up on that playthrough.

I wanted to do another evil playthrough, though, and I like Ninde, so I thought I would give it another shot. After a fresh install, I created a super overpowered character (in the save file below) and control-j'd my way through SoA just to see if the bug was still present. It was!

I don't know if this is an issue between EET and Ninde or something else, so I've included my WeiDU log.

This bug has exceeded my extremely limited capacity for troubleshooting. Any insight into the underlying issue or guidance on how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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I just wanted to report, in the interest of future bug fixing, that the problem seems to be with the LK#NINDERESTORED variable. 

As long as that is "1," the dialogue seems to loop infinitely. Unfortunately, you can't access the ToB love talks unless it is "1" so it's a bug that impairs the character development significantly.

I couldn't find any other reports of this loop online. I have to assume it's an interaction with EET.

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No problem. Thank you! 

Really can't overstate how much I appreciate all you modders and this community in particular. I've been doing BG play throughs every once in a while since back when it was a five CD set. A couple years ago, I discovered the modding scene and it breathed a whole new life into the game for me.

Regardless of whether this particular issue can get hammered out, you all have my undying gratitude. 😂

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