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v8 for BGT-BP

Sir BillyBob

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Hey all, I got bored yesterday and decided to convert version 8 over to BGT-BP. Don't know if Hlid was already working on it or not (he never tells me anything :thumbsup: ). Anywho, it installs fine, now I need some folks to run it through and see if everything works like it should.


I did fix some of the spelling errors. I haven't looked at the listed bugs here to know if the BGT-BP version will have them also.


I do have two quirks I don't understand. What is a cutspy.cre and why doesn't it work? You use this in the FireWine area but DLTCEP and NI both claim this isn't a valid CRE and Imoen only does her talk when near Poe. So should this be removed or is someone planning to actually create this CRE file?


Second, Coran has several scripts that check for the areas of Durlag, islands, and other places before he runs away. However, it doesn't check all of the Durlag castle areas. Why? I assume I should add it the SoBH areas to this since you wouldn't want him leaving the Isle of Lenore with the baby without an explaination of how he left.


Lastly, who can I email this to so you can post it? It is 1.5MB when RAR'd. Thanks for the great mod gang.

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Ah, on another build of SOA (without BP, Tutu or any other mod) I see cutspy as a CRE without a valid name. So my master BGT-BP-NeJ game may have a problem. That still doesn't explain why Imoen never triggers until near Poe, unless I just never get her close enough to either one. Don't know, I just always had problems with that one script working.

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Here I am, oh, cool.


I'm not sure if G3 was hosting the BGT version of the mod actually or if Hlid put it up on FW - Cam would be the person to ask. I shall point him this way if I catch him online. :thumbsup:


As for CUTSPY.CRE and similar stuff I have no clue off the top of my head.

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Hmm, looking at the script again, I see that the cutspy needs to see Imoen. Usually I have her wearing the invisibility cloak (from DSotSC) so she can't see them and they can't see her. Now I understand why it never worked except for when she sees Poe.


NI doesn't like the CRE file (when viewing the script) just because there is no name assigned. Not the big deal it originally looked like to me. If the file was actually corrupt, the area should crash on load.

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