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CN or CE for corrupted Imoen


Which alignment is more interesting for C-Imoen?  

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I was reading recently two things: Fallen's corrupted Imoen's banters and a discussion on NPC alignments at Studios in which a few posters considered Imoen as CN already. Looking at the banter material, I have a feeling that she can well be CE. So, the question is, if CE is preferable over CN for Imoen and if yes, why?

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Chaotic Evil. Primarily because I ignored your posting of her alignment, I was actually thinking neutral evil when I wrote her, but I think chaotic probably fits her better. I don't want to risk posting spoilers, but I'll pm you some reasons I think evil fits her better later.

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Alignment's not one of AD&D's better systems, but I think a Chaotic Evil Imoen would be a better way to go, as it would be a more dramatic corruption to her nature. If she went CN, I think she would either be a total crazy (as is one interpretation of that alignment) which is less corruption than destruction, or she would be only a little more self serving than she is now.


I would personally rate Imoen as definately Chaotic Good in the game. She's one of those steal-for-fun type thieves (so not particularly greedy) and usually advocates helping people, attaching no conditions to that help, even if she doesn't exactly go looking for wrongs to right like Nalia's always trying to convince you to do.



To throw a massive spanner at the gears here, might I suggest an idea... A total reversal for Imoen, making her Lawful Evil, by playing up her already strong loyalty to CHARNAME and turning her into the perfect loyal henchwoman, a Mage/Thief with total devotion to her elder sister. A more useful person than a self-interested version of the same, no? :)

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Interesting idea, though Imoen gets corrupted via being abandoned by Charname in a way so I do not think lawfulness will be fitting. Fallen also does write Chaotic, I think and I am liking what he has. :)

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Lawful Evil Imoen sounds kind cool though. I might try playing around with this corruption of Imoen (not for this project though, something on the side) when I'm done with this.


Edit: I will probably never get around to this, so don't let it discourage anyone else interested.

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No option for MV to kill Imoen in the process, no? She is the Bhaalspawn who resists Slayer strongly, after all. She might rebel against Eeeevil influence - and be killed.


© "Come now, and be murdered."

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Actually, it's a thought. The nature of her corruption will easily allow for this option, yes. But as her corruption depends on PC's choice, so it will be she, not MV who wwould 'kill' or 'corrupt' little sis. Though corrupted Imoen's talks are precious :)

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