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The Big Goodbye...

Grim Squeaker

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This is an idea I had ages ago and even posted in FWP's Mod Idea's section. I was just wondering as to people's opinion's on this idea. It's one of these 'sound way down the line it would be nice to make' mini-mods.


Basically this mod would allow you to say goodbye to all the NPC's who are standing around in your pocket plane at the end of ToB - as the pocket plane is about to be destroyed. You would exchange some (un)kind words and then ask them where they want to be sent. You'd also have the interesting matter of what do with Cespenar. You could free him from his service, or if you are a cruel bastard then leave him tied to the plane as it is destroyed, and probably some other options as well.



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Well, ya create him when you make the plane again, so I assume he would be destroyed when you leave the plane. Maybe you could release him from the plane using your godlike powers, it could depend on your wisdom stat. I'm thinking Planescape here where you can unmake yourself if your wisdom is high enough, as thought shapes the planes doesn't it?

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:D I know this is a slightly old topic, but I was curious about what became of it. I think this is a genious idea.

Hehehe, right after I beat ToB I began wondering what happened to my comrades. Poor Mazzy, who I replaced for Sarevok (a very hard decision, but I wanted to use Sarevok for a change).


:D I hope this idea hasn't been forgotten!

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It's kinda sitting here waiting for more conversation, planning and scheming. It's an idea I'll eventually implement but I'm currently working on Harvey Beta Fixes, Background information for Inara & Keli, my SEKRIT PROJEKT (!!!!!1111) and now doing some brainstorming on a Viconia romance...

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