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Writer wanted!


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I'm looking for someone who's willing to write a dialogue where the PC has to interrogate a captured doppleganger for information, since I can't seem to come up with anything especially convincing myself. Naturally, there must be good and evil methods to chose from, though the interrogation is part of a quest primarily aimed at evil characters.


I'm happy to offer my own services as a writer and/or coder in exchange (though obviously I'm not going to code an entire NPC mod :D).


Also, if anyone is interested in contributing dialogue to the mod on a more permanent basis, I certainly wouldn't say no :D (unless you only want to contribute a new NPC - I'm afraid we have enough ATM).

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One thing that needs doing is dialogue for a bunch of weapons; I find it a bit tricky getting into character for an inanimate object :). These weapons are all pnp weapons which are present in unmodded BG2: Albruin (broadsword, INT 17, ego 13, Chaotic Neutral), Azuregede (battle axe, INT 14, ego 12, Chaotic Good), Celestial Fury (katana, INT 12, ego 9, Chaotic Neutral), and Shazzellim (scimitar, INT 16, ego 14, Neutral Evil).

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What does the ego score mean? Do they reflect the weapon's arrogance perhaps? Or maybe its level of sentience? :) I've been known to write a bit in my time, so I maybe could give a shot at helping.


By the bye, I think it's cool that Albruin is the smartest of those weapons, given that people think of broadswords as being, well, not-precision weapons.

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Also Second Edition. I believe the old rule was if the weapon's Ego was higher than half the character's level plus half their Wisdom, then the weapon could just take them over. If you had double the weapon's ego you were immune, but less than that and it could make an attempt to control you.


Nasty things sentient weapons. :)

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