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Minsc's kit title is changed to Rashmaar Ranger in Idobek's NPC Kit Pack (though there are no new abilities). We do not have any real plans to allocate him a different kit at the moment - in any case, I think Justifier is Lawful Good only while Minsc is Chaotic.

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Personally I'd prefer to have a couple of abilities added to the Rashemaar Ranger kit instead. I was just reading Elaine Cunningham's Tangled Webs, which has a fair bit about berserkers (both from Rashemen and Ruathyn), and making Minsc turn into an animal at higher levels - as that novel's Fyodor does - would be pretty cool :).

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In the next version of NPC Kitpack Minsc's Rashemaar/Rashemi Ranger kit won't be just cosmetic. However, it also won't be developed that much more than it is now. I am opposed to giving Minsc a different ranger kit because I think it clashes with his back story but I am willing to develop his Rashemaar warrior side if I have more info to work from.


NiGHTMARE: Are there any nice internet sources for Rashemaar warriors' abilities?

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The one promising site I could find seems to be down at the moment. However, glancing at the Rashemaar Berserker kit in the Spellbound sourcebook, there are a few things which could be changed/added.


- Can go berserk at will, rather than once per day / four levels

- Have it take an entire turn for a frenzy to occur, but allow him to continue fighting until it happens (though perhaps temporarily disable stealth and spellcasting during this time)


Whilst berserk:

- State lasts until the final enemy is dead, rather than 60 seconds (if possible to code)

- Can't use ranged weapons

- Increase the +2 damage to +3

- Reduce the +2 to hit bonus to +1

- Reduce the +15 hit points to 5

- Drop the -2 bonus to Armor Class

- Add a -3 penalty to both INT and WIS

- Drop immunity to imprisonment and maze

- Add immunity to blindness, command, confusion, emotion, ray of enfeeblement, spook, and symbol.

- Ideally aid, bless, cure light wounds, cure serious wounds, cure critical wounds, heal, regenerate and finger of death should only take affect after the berserk state is over. However, I'm not sure if that's possible, so you could simply make him immune to those while berserk.

- Instead of the -2 to hit, -2 to damage and +2 to armor class penalty after coming out of a frenzy, set strength to 5.


EDIT: The strength penalty could perhaps prove annoying due to him becoming over-encumbered, so maybe duplicate its effects on to hit and damge penalties (-3 to each) instead. Also, maybe the penalty could gradually lessen as he levels up; say -2 at level 6, -1 at level 12, and no penalty at level 18.

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