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LOREKEEPER OF OGHMA: Oghma is the god of knowledge and invention, the Binder of What is Known, and the Patron of Bards. He is the most powerful god of knowledge in the Realms (Second if you consider magical ability as knowledge, with Mystra at its head). Deneir and Milil both act as intercessors for Oghma, carrying new information both to him and to those whom Oghma favors.


Oghma's followers believe that knowledge is most supreme, particularly in its raw form, the idea. An idea has no weight but can move mountains. It has no height but it can dominate a nation. It has no mass but it can push aside empires. Knowledge is the greatest tool of humankind, outweighing anything made by mortal hands. Before anything can exist, the idea must exist.


Lorekeepers of Oghma can be of any race and alignment.



- Spiritual Weapon: Longsword - 'Mortal Strike' once per day

The longsword is the spiritual weapon of Lorekeepers of Oghma, and is wielded as if the caster had grand mastery in the weapon. The sword is a regular weapon at levels 1-5, +1 at levels 6-10, +2 at 11-15, +3 at 16-20, +4 at 21-25, and +5 at levels 26 and above. The spiritual weapon lasts for one round per level of the caster, up to 20 rounds.

- Gain a base of 10 lore/level.

- From level 7 can cast Secret Word once per day, as fourth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 9 can cast Oracle once per day, as fifth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 11 can cast Power Word: Silence once per day, as sixth level mage spell of the same name

- From level 14 can cast Ruby Ray of Reversal once per day, as seventh level mage spell of the same name


Sphere access:

- Major access to the spheres of all, astral, combat, charm, divination, elemental, guardian, healing, protection, summoning, thought and travel

- Minor access to the spheres of animals, creation, necromantic, sun and wards

- No access to the spheres of chaos, law, numbers, plant, time, war and weather


I love this kit idea. It is among the best in Divine Remix, second only to the Firewalker of Kossuth. I have only one suggestion: Have you thought of granting the Lorekeeper the ability to cast Breach, either as an innate ability or (preferably) from its spellbook? This would render the Lorekeeper an effective alternative to having a mage in a party of adventurers. After all, is not the ability to cast Breach the single most important reason to pick up a mage? :)


a Wounded Lion

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Thanks for the kind words (the two you mention are some of my favourites too). :)


Breach would fit, but I think as patron of knowledge Oracle fits even better with regards to innate abilities. There may be a Breach-like priest spell in pnp, and if there is, there's a chance it would work its way into a future edition of the mod (which might mean the Lorekeeper gets it, since it would probably be in Thought or Wards).

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I always thought that having the Lorekeeper recieve both Secret Word and Ruby Ray of Reversal was redundant. The only differences between them is that the latter can affect 9th level spells. Wouldn't it make more sense if Secret Word was replaced with Farsight or Wizard Eye? I mean, he is the god of knowledge, so wouldn't a divination spell fit better than a protection removal spell?

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I see little reason on why a Priest of Oghma's special abilities would seem to consist mainly of anti-spell protections. If knowledge is so important to them, then immunities to Feeblemind, Blindness and Deafness would seem more in-character, or at least Farsight X per day. Also, given that the mental catlogueing of a great deal of data is highly logic-intensive, why are they barred from the sphere of Numbers? What spells does that lock them out of, anyway?

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As a hopeless powergamer, I would *love* to have the following spells:

level 4 - Farsight

(I tend to agree with Six so often I don't even need to write posts)

level 5 - Breach

(I'd agree with Lion here)

level 6 - True Sight

level 7 - Ruby Ray


Why True Sight? Because, with this selection of spells, Power Word:Silence seems a bit out of place, and Farsight, Breach, Ruby Ray and True Sight together make an awesome (and not overpowered) combination.


Okay, it's not essential, since the Lorekeeper of Oghma has major access to Divination sphere, but, let's face it, who will use Oracle, if True Sight is available as a priest spell? However, if True Sight is enabled as a special ability with casting time of 0, then it is an entirely different matter.

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Hey NiGHTMARE, I think you meant that replacing "Seceret Word" with Farsight was a possibility. Although since Watcher of Helm already recieves Farsight, maybe Wizard Eye would work better. Or maybe Farsight fits better, I don't know. I would like to know your reasoning for giving them Power Word Silence and Ruby Ray of Reversal.

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