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Fixing existing sounds


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It's not a secret that several in-game sounds are missing. Ellesime's greeting dialogue at the Tree of Life and Valygar's greeting dialogue in his cabin are perfect examples (I.E. Instead of "Ho there! More..." Valygar says "I'm still here", and instead of Ellesime's "Who comes!" you hear "I greet you in the name of Suldanesselar."). I know a romance fixes Valygar's issue, but I wouldn't like to install a big mod to change a single string.


So... perhaps a G3 Tweak component dealing with it is a good idea?


I have browsed game files extensively, and here's what I have found (already in code, and I tested some of these, too):


REPLACE_SAY HAERDA 109 ~(The man looks at you blankly for a moment and then speaks) I serve only Master Mekrath.~ [HAERDA95]


REPLACE_SAY JANP 35 ~Well, by Aunt Petunia's beard! A ghost from my past? Looking to buy some turnips, perhaps?~ [JANJAN67]


REPLACE_SAY PPIRENI2 41 ~Do not look so surprised. You must have expected to find me near your Imoen.~ [iRENIC36]


REPLACE_SAY PPIRENI2 42 ~ Oh, but I'm not incarcerated here. No, I am the new coordinator, and you are in my care... once again.~ [iRENIC37]


REPLACE_SAY SUELLEAP 0 ~Wait! Who comes? You... you are the Child of Bhaal, aren't you? The one that Joneleth... Jon... boasted of stealing power from? He claimed to have slain you!~ [ELLESI02]


REPLACE_SAY SUELLEAP 10 ~The energy he has stolen from the Tree will be torn from him. I know not what effects this will have... but Jon will be disoriented, so you must kill him quickly!~ [ELLESI17]


REPLACE_SAY VALYGAR 0 ~Ho there! More Cowled ones or their servants, no doubt. By the gods, I swear you'll not live to take me to that damnable sphere!~ [VALYGA01]

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Please, feel free to do so. I have both UB and G3Tweaks installed, and I would welcome this component with open arms in either of these mods.


Actually, I spent the whole week with my headphones on several weeks ago, writing interjections and skimming through sound files - a pretty through examination, if not a complete one - and I found out that surprisingly few sounds were not showing. I could have missed something, though.

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Two sounds problems that always bugged me were in Chateau Irenicus.


There are 2 places where the timing is off when Irencius is speaking to you.


1) is when the golem shows up and says "More intruders have entered....complex master.


[edit]Golem's string is 2820 and the sound file itself it plays fine through NI. Perhaps the Wait(6) isn't long enough (NEWGAME.bcs)?[/edit]


Irencius cuts the golem off by saying "They act sooner than we anticpated...


Maybe it is intentional, master mage cutting off his brainless minion, but I always found it very jarring.


2) Dang, I can't remember the second one, but it is also during the Irencius torturing PC segment.

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I am not sure, but I think there is a problem with soundsets (INVENTORY_FULL), too. When playing with Kelsey in the party, I noticed that he was vocal about giving him too much to carry, i.e. I could actually hear "I am a sorcerer, not a walking Bag of Holding...", but with Bioware NPCs, I only saw a line on the screen, but heard nothing.

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Generally, when you try to transfer an item to an NPC who can't take it, you're at a screen where you won't hear the NPC's line. On those rare occasions where an NPC with a full inventory attempts to receive an item when you're at the main game screen, you hear the line--they're all voiced.

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