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Wish genies--destroyable by death fog?


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Straw poll--the bigg (who now has access here) posted changes for wish01.cre and wish02.cre (the SoA and ToB versions of the wish genies, respectively). There are a number of inconsistencies between the two files. Given that the same spell summons both I'm in favor of making them identical, save for the script/dialogue differences we need to account for the SoA/ToB split. The one question I'd like to ask, though--one has gender neither (SoA) and the other gender summoned, making for a question: should they be classed as summoned and subject to spells such as death fog?


edit: quick note--wish02 is gender summoned but has 100% MR, so it may be a moot point. Out of the two, though, wish02 does seem to be the more consistent. Differences are (SoA values first, ToB second)

  • first level/second/third: 8/1/1 vs 25/0/0
  • magic resistance: 0 vs 100
  • wisdom, dexterity: 9 v 17
  • gender: neither v summoned
  • ToB is translucent and has a 'remove foot circle' ring

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I'd keep the summoned gender but go wish02 for everything else (especially the non-selectable, so you can't force-talk it with a higher wis char, cheaters). I don't think the magic resistance comes into play (the spells target eff destself on gender summoned, and I imagine it bypasses resistance).


Locally, I think I made them both gender neither, but I don't ever cast wish and never understood the ways they could be exploited (still don't).

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In PnP, there is no genie at all, and the wish spells should have been implemented by summoning an hidden rabbit and have it ActionOverride(LastSummonerOf(Myself),StartDialogue(Myself,"Wish01"))


However, to keep to the PnP effects and the BGII implementation, you should keep it as wish02 with a non-hardcoded gender flag (I can't recall if NIETHER has some kind of hardcoded limit).

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