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Well, OK, but just snippet... this is from the recently completed epic and ultimate flirt written for late stage romances, taking a month to write and almost as long to escape (so don't get a power outage):




Aklon (Option 7965): (Aklon smoothly continues his hours-long kiss, his hands beginnning to roam your body with seeming abandon, seeking those places that offer the sweetest pleasure)

PC: 1. [Maintain your grip on sanity] (Option 7966)

2. [start Drooling] (Option 7967)

3. [begin to gibber helplessly about the coming of the great blue badger] (Option 7968)

4. [Pick up that convenient axe and start swinging] (Option 7969)

5. You know Aklon, Mister Flibble's very cross. (Option 7970)

6. [Hoot like a monkey and start throwing feces at Anomen] (only if Anomen in party) (Option 7971)



Aklon (Option 7966): (While you hold fast to your sense of self, Aklon's fingers have at last found -










Sorry, it had to be done. :)


More seriously, I have just completed the advanced flirting and have now moved onto the Underdark flirts, which should be finished fairly soon allowing me to get into the last stages of writing.


And, just for now, I will let out another lovetalk preview, from an LT provisionally entitled "Wine, Women and Song."


Just a little preview though, don't want to spoil too much.




Aklon: (Tonight as you make camp, Aklon seems preoccupied, staring into the distance between his tasks. As the cooking for evenfeast is finished, you notice that Aklon is actually looking up at the sky, his face creased in thought)

PC: 1: Trying to look into the future Aklon? (Option 1)

2. You've been distracted all evening, I'm getting jealous of those stars! (Option 2)

3. Others....


Aklon (Option 1): (Aklon's face turns from the sky to regard you with a smile) Indeed I am. However, I can spy nothing in the heavens that touches either of us tonight. Just whispers of far away places and strange futures. (He sighs) Oh well.

PC: 1. I guess you've wasted your evening then. (Option 3)

2. Others....


Aklon (Option 3): Ah, but the evening is not over yet. I did not plan to stare at the sky the whole night through. I have something else in mind, which I think may... salvage a few hours. Interested, my love?

PC: 1. Is that a trick question, stargazer? (Option 4)

2. Others...


Aklon (Option 4): Aklon the stargazer asks no trick questions, O Lady of Candlekeep. He always speaks with the utmost clarity. It is the lady whose speech is riddled with innuendo and obfuscation. Shall we take that as a yes, beautiful lady?

PC: 1. Yes, methinks we shall. (Option 5)

2. Others...


Aklon (Option 5): Evenfeast first though. I have a small cask of a rather nice wine from Westgate in my bags. Ah, yes, here it is. Food and wine first, and then... well, you shall see, my love [End of Part 1]


Aklon (Option 2): (Aklon turns to you, rising only to make a deep courtly bow) No need for jealously, my lady. Not even all the stars in the firmament together could rival your beauty, nor any words, couched in bardic finery describe the truth of it.

PC: 1. [Grin at Aklon] Doesn't stop you from trying, does it? (Option 6)

2. Others.....


Aklon (Option 6): Oh no, it only spurs me to greater effort. I apologise, O Light of the World, for discomforting you. Please, accept from your poor consort, this offering of a Wesgate Ruby vintage wine (Aklon produces a small cask, seemingly from nowhere) and forgive me for my neglect of your most luminously beautiful self.

PC: 1. Hmmm, you needs must offer more than wine to gain the forgiveness of <CHARNAME>. (Option 7)

2. Others....


Aklon (Option 7): Then, my Imperious One, after you have sampled the wine and had your evenfeast, I have another offering that shall surely cool your anger even as it enflames your passion.

PC: 1. Very well. Let us commence evenfeast and later we will consider this other offering (End of pt 1)

2. Others....

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Mister Flibble? :D


You know, if <CHARNAME> wakes up and finds Aklon sporting a big sparkly "H" on his brow one of these days, that whole Slayer change thing is going to look like a happy pleasant picnic in the park... :)


Seriously, though...


I like the way Aklon speaks. I really enjoy the effusive titles he bestows upon <CHARNAME>. Kind of tongue-in-cheek, but at the same time, you know he means it. Playfully sincere? Whatever you want to call it, it works. :D


Thanks for the Valentine's preview! :D


(Oh, and if ever there's an opportunity to take Anomen down a peg, monkey poo not required, can it be slipped in, please? Pretty please? C'mon, please? This is from the gal who wound up playing a cleric - my least favourite class - just so I wouldn't have to stand Ano in my party overly long! Thankee kindly!)

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Thanks for the kind words all, it's good to know that a bit of crazed monkey Axe/feces/badger flinging will go down well with the modding public. :)



(Oh, and if ever there's an opportunity to take Anomen down a peg, monkey poo not required, can it be slipped in, please?  Pretty please?  C'mon, please?

I do plan on there being a couple of spots where Anomen gets taken down a peg or two... but Aklon won't be having it all his own way, he's got a few pegs of his own, you know.

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..You know, I could be really immature right now and say something along the lines of "hee hee....pegs. *snicker*" But i'm not so I won't. :D:)


Oh, and you know now that you have a badger in a flirt, you must add the requisite "launching a badger out of a potato-cannon" philosophical response. :D

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:) (You're a very bad man.)


Quality writing, as usual, BigRob. (You are making it very difficult to wait patiently for this mod!)

Just one typo I can see,

Aklon: (Tonight as you make camp, Aklon seems preoccupied, staring onto the distance between his tasks.


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Thanks for the compliments Kulyok and Captainsavvy. :)



And that's right, Kulyok, this comes from a lovetalk that's after Aklon and CHARNAME's first night together. Roughly the last quarter of the lovetalks take place after that point.


I'm sorry about not showing the other options, but the reasons for that are two-fold. One, yeah, I don't want to show everything before releasing the mod and two, there's going to be some editing of the lovetalks between now and release, so certain options may be extended, some removed and so on. The ones seen here should make it to the final version.




not sure if you know about this one.


PC: 1. Hmmm, you needs must offer more than wine to gain the forgiveness of <CHARNAME>. (Option 7)

2. Others....


should it be 'your'?


i apologise if you have corrected this already.


Technically, that is a mistake, but actually, it's faux old speech, CHARNAME deliberately mangling the common tongue to go with Aklon's over the top-ness. She can be more serious (and grammatically sane) in a different option. :D

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