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Water Elemental summoning spell?


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Any chance of someone making a water elemental spell? One could use the animation of the Olhydras from the ToB of supplement...


Well, maybe not a good choice, but what can I say, I wouldn't mind seeing the four elemental forces balanced...

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The ability to summon water elementals is included in Refinements, as part of the High Level Elemental summoning ability for priests and druids. There is a 1 in 4 chance of summoning them, but the greater water elementals that you see in Abizagal's lair along with Olhydra can be summoned. Additionlly, the Elemental Prince summoning spell has been modified to summon Ben-Hadar, the good elemental prince of water along with the other good Elemental princes.


The mod should be out around the 18-19 of April.


An actual Summon Water Elemental spell is in the works for later versions. What is particularily needed is a lower level elemental animation, since all we have to work with is the Greater and Prince level animations. If anyone knows of another IE game with water elementals that use a different animation, speak up.

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I think so, but for some reason there was a complaint about the image. I think the ones in IWD are equivalent to the greater form, and wouldn't be appropriate for a lesser version.


I wonder how hard it would be to shrink one of the elemental animations?....




As a side note, the water elementals (and Ben-Hadar) do not melee, they use projectiles like the Abizagal's lair water elementals do. Makes for an interesting change.

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