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Folks, just stopped by to see whats going on - it is nice to see the mod is alive . :rolleyes:


I am not actively modding or writing lately, but funnily enough I reinstalled BG II and playing it through. Might give BG and BG NPC another run soonish - on the new computer. In any case - nice to see you all.


My apologies for never finishing the NPC relocation project and sorta dropping the 'go to the inn' script. But well... there was not much interest in it.


Be well, all of you.

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Hi Doro, glad to see you back :rolleyes: We actually integrated/finished both components, so if you'd like to see the results, grab the alpha!


T'z nice you folks found some use to it. I fear the script was ather bugged - as I now suspect there was that bug causing npcs stop responding - something about the way the choice of answer was scripted. Hope you've fixed it.


Can you drop me the link here, btw?

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Yep. PM'ing!


Basically, the Bigg wrote us a small patch for NPCs starting locations, that works perfectly well (well, after fixing Alora for hundredth time). Your Inns is basically unchanged. So far, we did not run into any visible problems with it, so it is probably more successful than you think :rolleyes:

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Well, I'd like to emphasize that it is an optional component, by default there will be no changes. So far it is:


Alora will start in Gullykin http://www.dudleyville.com/bg1/ar4000.htm at the door to the winery. Change to the join-in dialogue.


Quayle will be available in Nashkel Carnival area http://www.dudleyville.com/bg1/ar4900.htm near Great Gazib. No change to the join-in dialogue.


Tiax will start in Beregost, http://www.dudleyville.com/bg1/ar3300b.htm 2nd floor Travenhurst Manor. No change to the join-in dialogue.


Eldoth will start at the Coastal Way http://www.dudleyville.com/bg1/ar2800b.htm by the obelisk. No change to the join-in dialogue.

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Hey, just got back in town -- sorry, I will have the newest/cleanest up on the site in 18 hours starting.... now.


Gotta go to bed, but I will clean up/test installation and load a version with the latest and greatest!

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Well, unlike the others Skie has a very good reason to be where she is. Plus if you take Eldoth in early on, it gives you a good RP reason to hurry on to Baldur's Gate, and get her. With the rest of the Silvershield estate subplots cut out, I think keeping her there is a good idea.


The only viable place I see for her is swiping her with her brother in Kagain's Caravan train, and making the player to ressurect her or something if Eldoth recognizes her, then doing the entire new Silvershield Estate subplot, but it would require too much re-writes and quest coding, that is not really trivial.


If we keep her "left for dead" and she wants to find her beloved Eldoth (being sent away to relatives with the Caravan to prevent her from meeting that troublesome young man) we'll still end up emptying Baldur's Gate's manor.

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