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Translating Amber


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Currently Amber is only available in English and German. If you wish to translate the mod, you should contact us via <amber(at)welho.net>. Please note that Amber contains a rather large amount of text (over 116 000 words*), so don't take up this challenge lightly. In addition, we would like to emphasise how important it is that the translator is decently fluent, not only in the language he/she is going to translate Amber to, but also in English.


* With all code and manual line breaks removed (i.e. full pages of running text, at 36 rows per page and 55 characters per row, which is about the same as your average fantasy paperback), the contents of Amber's dialog files total just over 300 pages of text (303 and a half to be exact). :) This does not include the tp2, but that's just peanuts compared to the dialogs. In terms of the dialog.tlk, we are adding almost 5000 new entries. So please think carefully before volunteering. :D




You can discuss the currently available translations in these threads:



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As mentioned above interested parties should contact us via <amber@welho.net>. However, it would probably be best to wait at least until version 2 since I'm actually modifying some dialogs for that.

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Thanks :p


I was just asking again because I experience it quite often that my mails don't reach the addressee... and it's so annoying to wait for a reply to a mail that nobody ever recieved. :p

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An update to any eager translators: The current version of WeiDU has a bug that prevents me from creating a traifyed .d filed that I want to. The converted d file that I want still has the original text lines besides the tra file references, but commented out. This mean that we'll just have to sit tight and wait that The Bigg releases a new version of WeiDU.


Here are details of the bug at PPG's WeiDU forum.

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I should probably announce that a German translation of Amber is in the works despite our current lack of .tra files, since we have found a translator with Trados Translator's Workbench, which allows her to translate the .d file, simultaneously building a translation memory which can later be used to automatically translate the .tra files.

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An update to any eager translators: The current version of WeiDU has a bug that prevents me from creating a traifyed .d filed that I want to.


The bug looks to be fixed in WeiDU v196, right?


(Disclaimer: I haven't tested to see for myself.)

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If everything goes well, new version of Amber with German translation will be out soon. :rant: The translation was made by Fey and the proofreaders were Erian and Lilith. As a special treat we will offer a German soundset for Amber by Ines. I'd like to thank Fey for taking time for both translating and coordinating the soundset recording. Big thanks for Erian, Lilith and Ines too; your work is much appreciated. :)

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