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Bug report (memorized spells)

Barren Fischa

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Ok, I have played through and can confirm the problem occurs, unfortunately, :D so no need for the saved games.


CamDawg and Idobek have thought of a possible cause and solution, so I'll try and fix it. Yeah.

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I think I fixed the problem in my game. I used SK to remove all the spell-losing affects, and reduced my memorized spells of each level by 1 instead. By the way, minor typo: the Battleguard's innate ability should be Tenser's Transformation, and not Tensor's.

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I thought I'd post this here since spell memorisation has something to do with it.

When my cleric's become lvl.9 they should gain


Lvl 1: 1

Lvl 2: 1

Lvl 5: 2


but instead I unmemorize most of the spells I had and I don't get any new slots. I have version 0.8.2

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