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Female Romance Challenge


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I read that if you time the romances right, you might see a competition for the PC. This sounded extremely amusing to me, so I tried doing so- and failed. I'm attempting to try again so my question is: how can I time it right?


At what lovetalk will this happen after? Do each of the guys have to be at a certain love chat point? Do I have to be in a certain chapter or area?


(Also, is the Coran romance smooth enough to run through the whole game with, or should I wait for the next version?)


Thank you for all your hard work!

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Female Romance challenge is scripted to trigger after Coran and Ajantis have some 4 or 6 banters, unless the issue gets resolved by one of the romances going into commited stage by then. So when it triggers is a subject to timers, when you picked up characters etc. It is normal for it to trigger or not to trigger. It has no tie into any location etc, but shows up on one of the rests, so you have seen Coran and Ajantis bicker a few times, and the romances are non-commited as of yet, try resting a couple of times, and it'll show up. If you *really* want to see it, ask for variables :)


As for Coran's romance, you'd do me a great favor if you pick up alpha for V12 from Cmorgan if you intended to run with Coran anyway. We have fixed at least one nasty occurence of not having the last commited talk show up. It's not really unstable, but that one was a bit dissapointing to miss.

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Aha! I think I didn't rest enough in my last game, then; I should probably be able to trigger it this time, but if I still have trouble, I'll come back to the boards and ask for the variables. Thank you.


I'd be glad to try the V12 alpha (of course, I tried sending a PM to cmorgan, and nothing appeared in my sent inbox?... I think I'm just bad with forums). I definately want to see the last committed talk! :)

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@Twani - PM recieved and I sent you the link! I will try to incorporate some more of the fixes and post by 5 pm CST/USA time today an updated version. I guess it will be v8, to make sure that different playtesters on different versions doesn't get too confusing.


Happy playing!

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