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Imoen the BG1 mage?


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As usual, I started something on the wrong thread. It was a fairly logical place to start, since I noticed it after installing BG1 NPC v12.


But it wasn't that.


I'm fairly sure this was the result of using an older version of Tweaks (v2, I think), but would someone mind confirming that this issue has been resolved?





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DavidW was correct in the other thread - ToB-style NPCs currently (v2) uses the wrong .cre to replace the later level .cres - copying from the not-meant-to-be-joinable prologue one instead of the proper ch. 1 incarnation. As long as you start the game with a 0 XP character it probably won't be noticed, because if Charname is still level 1 when Imoen joins east of Candlekeep, she'll be the right version. Local fix: change instances of _imoen.cre to _imoen1.cre in .tp2, including in the allow_missing section - otherwise the component won't install over anything other than TuTu.


In other words, this is very much still an issue.

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If it's any help, it happened to me after I Tutu'd a partially modded BG2. It obviously copied THAT .CRE file and not her original BG1 one.


After a clean install, she's a thief again which, right now, suits me fine.

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Yeah, I'm not installing that option any more. DavidW's SCS accomplishes more or less the same thing, but doesn't alter her class and gives you the nifty option of picking all her proficiencies. That', and I like a lot of other components of SCS anyway, so I'm going to be installing it one way or the other.

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