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Rebuilding Blucher's alternate BG2 NPCs


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Kulyok, if you get a chance, please send me a copy, too, so I can compare code. I think there is more than one version of Beta 6 wandering around, and it would help determine for Nythrun which version is actually the latest. The big question is, does your Beta6 indicate that it is Beta 5 in the comments at the top of the tp2, or does it say Beta 6?


I am still offline for uploading files, but am getting set up to use G3 server distribution.

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If you want to send it to me too, I can host it in the meantime (the latest I have is beta5, which I was previously hosting due to occasional glitches in Nythrun's rapidshare). I guess I can also update the HTML readme to Nythrun's latest, if there is one, to keep the ball rolling here.


One thing I don't like about this long thread (apart from its length) is the fact you'd have to comb through 27-odd pages or whatever to try to find the bugs. If we could have a separate post devoted solely to known or suspected bugs, it'd be easier to try testing and replicating (and hopefully, quashing) them.

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Sure, the mod says that it can be distributed and modified according to the Smoking GNU, after all. (I'll be really happy when Nythrun comes and ticks "yes" in "Permanent hosting: Y/N?" somewhere, though.)


Give me your e-mail address, please: your profile doesn't show any.

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Yes, it's time to send this bloated thread to pasture.


I think the Beta6 I uploaded had not had its .tp2 header updated from Beta5, mostly because I forgot. The copy I'm turning up here doesn't have the Aerie[0-9][09] goof that cmorgan noticed, though, so who knows what I was uploading in my dreams. The spelling in the readme...leaves something to be desired.


Baldur's Gate II discs are proving a bit more elusive, so I can't check for conflicts just yet. Until then (when then? don't know :/ ) anyone's free to do with this as they may please. Claim you wrote it and I will mock you gently.


Back soon. Soonish. More soonly than not. :)

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