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Higher Level Install/De-Install Option Possible?


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I was just wondering if the topic subject is a possibility. With as many components to install as there are, at the very least having the option to de-install all at one blow would be wonderful, as opposed to having to step through component after component deciphering the "uninstall" lines and continually pressing "u" in the DOS box.

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Create a batch file that uninstalls mods in reverse order that is listed in weidu.log. For (actual) example:


setup-jps_portraits.exe --language 0	--uninstall
Setup-Z#Misc.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-TB#TWEAKS.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-oversight.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
Setup-Celestials.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-refinements.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-SPELLPACK.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
Setup-Divine_Remix.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-BG2_TWEAKS.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-d0tweak.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-ashesofembers.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-valhorn.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-gminion.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-banterpack.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-d0questpack.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-tactics.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-gbthfkp.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-itemupgrade.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-ub.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-xan.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-KELSEYTOB.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-KELSEY.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-SOLAUFEIN.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-redemption.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-ascension.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-dungeonbegone.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-spell50.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-bagbonus.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-underrep.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-ruad.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-fr_rov.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-1pp.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-YACOMOPATCH.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
Setup-BP-BGT-Worldmap.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
Setup-bg2fixpack.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-ROTUPDATE.exe	--language 0	--uninstall
Setup-ROT.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
Setup-com_encounters.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-DARKRITUAL.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-pstele.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-planarspheremod.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-THAPPY.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-tashia.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall
setup-apack.exe 	--language 0	--uninstall

The --language switch (0 is for English) avoids those mods that will sillily prompt for lang of installation.


BTW: Are there any programs to uninstall all WeiDu mods?

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If you want to go the other direction - install mods without human intervention:

Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe	--language 0 --force-install-list	40 50 60 70 100 110 130 1010 1020 1080 1120 1140 1160 1180 1190 2010 2040 2060 2070 2090 2100 2110 2151 2160 2192 2210 2220 2230 2231 3011 3050 3060 3070 3080 3090 3100 3110 3120 3181 3200 4000 4010 4030 4040 4050 4060 4070

--force-install-list, followed by some number assigned to each component.


The numbers can be found in weidu.log. Some TP2's assign a fixed number, but others don't. I usually install manually first, then use the number in the log.


Beauty of WeiDU/biggDU, n'est-ce pas?


Go to SHS, check my sig for my install batch files.

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Or you can do it the really, really tedious old fashioned way, like I do:


Drag your top level folder to the trash can, run CCLeaner, defragment the disc, reboot, drag your clean backup copy from the backup drive onto the drive, and play with the forums (or the dogs) for the 7 minutes it takes to have everything copy over :) (I don't really recommend it, I was just saying it's possible...)


On a more serious note, there is a way to trick WeiDU into yanking a whole mod out by the roots from the first component. Because of some difficulties in uninstall behavior with FORCED_SUBCOMPONENT under earlier versions or WeiDU (the bigg fixed this), we added a flag file to our Core Fixes component. Then we REQUIRE_PREDICATE or REQUIRE_FILE ~override/X#BG1NPCCore.G3~ @1004 /* BG1 NPC Required Changes component is not installed. */ for every component after that.


This means that removing the first component (which could be a dummy component) automatically uninstalls all of BG1 NPC at once, even though GROUP actually flags as ASK_EVERY_COMPONENT.


reinstalling, on the other hand, is a different matter.

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The last time I did this was like two years ago. I like my mods and want them around on the off-chance that, you know, I might want to play with them again. So I'll go with the worst, most uncertainest, slow method, thank-you-very-much.


cmorgan: only 7 minutes? For me, it'll be more like 30, even more.


BTW even though it's not good practice, the 4.2 version of NeJ requires that the original contents of the backup folder be there. I totally fubar'd a megainstall when I cleaned it out. Who knows what other (older?) mods are so designed?

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The last time I did this was like two years ago. I like my mods and want them around on the off-chance that, you know, I might want to play with them again.


Lucky you - the list of mods I have installed 'permanently', and not, you know, on 'well, maybe I should check them out' basis, is so small it is not even funny.


The funniest thing is, every time I unstall UB+Quest Pack, I never complete the game...

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