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Interested in some tedious monkey-work?


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Now that I've got my little creature building .tp2 off the ground, I decided to put it through its paces by doing a creature regexp and checking the values for thac0 and saving throws predicted by the 2das against the values actually present in the creature file (only for creatures with a player accesible class, and only for single and multi-classes, can't build a general case for dual classes quite yet).


In 779 cases they agree, hurray.


In 1,169 cases they don't agree, and all the ones I've checked manually so far aren't due to nascent bugs in my code.


Some of these are obviously intentional (Amelyssan says "What, me play fair?") and some of them are obviously unintentional (Let's give High Mornmaster Arval 10 in all his saves, that's good enough!) and a lot of them are irrelevant (Dead Cow.).


Anyone want a look? I really lack the time to do it myself at the moment.


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You'd need post. Although we probably change all of one saving throw, so don't sweat it if you can only do pre.


If you do this, be warned that I'll likely stamp the majority of the issues with a fat "Who cares?" (I just don't see that I'd consider any of these to be bugs). Cam may feel differently.

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I'm ok with that; if we find out they are all "who cares", then we have still won the battle of knowledge :p


Besides, that's what apprentices are for. Gather data, so that decisions can be made.


I can do post-fixpack, and should be able to work something out by the end of March (some school holidays in there.) If someone else gets to it first, go right ahead -

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I just noticed that the pirate mage below the Sea's Bounty tavern (PIRSEA03.CRE) has 70% magic resistance, even in the unmodded game.


As far as I can see, this guy is just a plain level 10 human mage and therefore there's no reason for him to have such a high MR value.

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