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Half-bug: Releasing Jaheira


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Irenic's Dungeon - talk to Jaheira, find the key, *talk* to Jaheira, open the door, *talk* to Jaheira. Despite opened doors she still wants you to find a key.

If you end dialog and wait one round in her range, she initiate right dialog. So this is not critical bug, however fix wouldn't be bad idea.

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In my game, you have the option to tell her you already have the key, in which case she berates you for not opening the door, even if you already did. I figure she's had a bad day.
Yes, but if you don't have key (because key vanishes in the very moment you open the door) you won't get this option. Instead you get "Hello again, I see you have not had much luck." and it doesn't make much sence when doors are opened.
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Strange. I never encountered this dialog, always gets the same as Berelinde.
It is quite rare bug, because normally you just open door and she initiate dialog and everybody is happy. However when you try to actively talk to her, script doesn't have enough time to recalculate variables and you get wrong dialog. Unfortunatelly "enough time" is about two seconds.
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Jaheira's initial dialogue file here is weird. For responses, it directly checks whether the door is open but for her state triggers it uses a variable set by her script when the door opens (and hence the possible delay). Altering her state triggers to check for the door directly should work:


// jaheira can have wrong dialogue due to script lag when freed
REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~jaheira~ ~Global("JaheiraReleased","GLOBAL",~ ~OpenState("Cell01",~

BEGIN 29 30 31 32 END

The A_T_A is just to make sure the variable always gets set, in case another mod/script wants it. Being as it's possible to get by this without it getting set currently, this is probably just being anal-retentive. :)

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