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Can't leave Athkatla

Guest Epor

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I installed the fixpack, started a new game, no other mods. I can not leave the city, de'Arnise Keep, Umar Hills, etc. do show up on the map but they are greyed out even when I walk out the gate in Gate District. Clicking on them does nothing.

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I did speak to the people, have the quests, and also have Nalia in my party.


Game was patched before installing mods. Full install if that makes any difference.

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I am having the exact same problem. Have played and finished the game before. Picked it up again after a couple of years. I cannot leave the city. any help would be appreciated as I have just reinstalled the game with the patch and fix pack.


thanks in advance.

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What does this mean? "went to AR0020" ?


No ToB. I know about going through the gates, have done it, it doesn't help.


I made a new character just now and played him until I got the Nalia and Firkraag quests, can't leave the city with him either.


I think I'll reinstall the game and start again, but am worried that if I use the fixpack I wont be able to leave the city again... :p

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