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My first Mod is complete and working!

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I have just finished my first mod and would like feedback


I would like to give a BIG thanks to Camdawg for his tut and his help along the way :)



i know there is one problem with my mod, i didnt make a detailed advantages and disadvantages for the description so here it is:


Advantages: 1 extra lay on hands per 4 levels, +3 to hit/damage, + 3 saving throws

Disadvantages: none


Download Here


EDIT: v3, by Moongaze, available here: http://members.lycos.nl/cuteomen/files/Crusade_v3.rar

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First, let me say "Congratulations" on your first mod. :)


You might want to think about balancing the kit just a bit, though. +3 to hit and +3 to saving throws is really high, especially if there are no disadvantages to offset it. :)

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look in the handbook at champions of torm, sacred defense(+1 to saving throws every 2 levels), divine wrath (+3 hit/damage and saving throws and +1/5 damage reduction for a number of rounds equal to CHA modifier), lay on hands that stack with the paladin's lay on hands


the +3 hit and damage is only supposed to be a 30 sec once per day thing, gotta fix that


thanks for the feedback

got a drawback i shud add?

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Well, until Raumoheru returns to update the mod, I'll upload the latest version here.


Contents of the readme:

These are my custom kits. Enjoy! :)




Champions of Torm are mighty warriors who dedicate themselves to Torm's cause, defending holy ground, destroying enemies of the church, and slaying mythical beast


- An extra lay on hands per day every 4 levels

- +3 to hit/damage for 30 seconds once per day

- +3 to all saving throws


- May not use ranged weapons



Energist: Energist dedicate themselves to the study of spiritual energy, how it flows through our bodies, and how to manipulate it. They are very competitive, always testing to see just how far the can push their bodies and minds.


- Able to use Innate Techniques

- +2 to AC every 10 levels


- May not wear armor

- May not use missile weapons

- May not Duel Class

- Does not gain High Level Abilities

- Only 3 proficiency slots may be chosen



Adventurer: A jack-of-all-trades, not so much a thief as a character who takes advantage of the general thieving skills on adventures. An Adventurer is preferred by many adventuring parties, because he is much less likely than other thieves to betray or steal from his own companions. The successful Adventurer knows the value of trust and cooperation, while many a "street thief" has been raised on duplicity and (sometimes literal) backstabbing.


- +20% to Open Locks and Find/Remove Traps

- +30 lore


- No backstab multiplier





Items: In order to use these you must use the CLUAConsole command. the names after the dash is the resource name in which to do so.

Carsomyr of the Magi - CarMagi

Magebane - Magebane

Mithril Full Plate +5 - Mithril

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Hmm, almost a year without updates? Is Raumoheru ever coming back?


I'm sure I'll get my butt kicked for this, but... I've made a small update to this small kit mod.


-Updated internal names with my own BWL registered prefix, so it no longer conflicts with other mods, such as NPC Kits.

-Updated to WeiDU v185.


Once I find out how, I'd want the three shipped items to be placed somewhere in the game, rather than having to CLUA them in.


For now, v3 is on http://members.lycos.nl/cuteomen/files/Crusade_v3.rar

And IEGMC mirror is coming soon. I just did the update in Raumoheru's absence...the content is *not* mine.


Btw, shouldn't this be moved to the Misc Released mods? This one is hard to find, save using the PPG Modlist. :)

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@Moongaze: If you are going to update this further, you ought to add a component that will give Keldorn this kit instead of the inquisitor kit since he is a paladin of Torm, after all. I think the kit is actually pretty good and I'd use it.

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