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  1. I read your post and i am not exactly sure what you are looking for. I do have tgc1e, v1.9 if that will help. Let me know.
  2. I think i figured out what happened. I believe it was interference from one of my unwanted system pop-ups that blew off the install. So, i bit the bullet and started all over again. I do appreciate the time you took looking at it though. Thank you.
  3. I am having problems installing the component Smarter General AI. SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG WeiDU.log
  4. I like the idea of not having problems. If you use a big install like i do, there always seems to be something that doesn't work as it's supposed to. I certainly thank you for your input and your mod. It sounds fine to me.
  5. Yes, i figured out how to use the console to get the lenses i needed, i was hoping for something else. I have looked at DavidW's Lanthorn Quest, would i be better off with that mod than the one from Ovedrsight? I ask because if i were to reinstall, i will still use Stratagems, but, with there being two choices for a Lanthorn Quest, which would i be better off with?
  6. I have a similar problem. When i took out Bodhi, the Lanthorn said that there were 3 missing lenses. At that point in time, i only had the Temple sewers to complete. I took out the Alhoon in the secret area and there was nothing. I took out Mekrath and the Lanthorn went from 3 lenses to 2. After killing the Unseeing Eye, there was no change. I went back to Elhan and he said to retrieve the Lanthorn, there was no odd clues as to where to look for them. I'm stuck. Of the possible owners of the lenses, there aren't any left. What do i do now?
  7. I believe that question number 1 is Infernal Thievery from D0QUESTPACK. For me, the quest always starts near the entrance to the Bridge District. A man approaches you and offers to sell you a sword, because he needs the money, for something. I can't remember if this takes place before chapter 4 or after chapter 6. Either way, once you have the sword and try to leave the bridge area via the west end, a little girl comes up to you and turns into a Demon and then attacks. Question 2 is also from D0QUESTPACK. It sounds like Reward Negotiation, which I have never played. I don't know what the answer is. Question 3, again from D0QUESTPACK. If you have the acorns from Irenicus' Dungeon with you while moving around in the southern part of de'arnise Hold, a Dryad named Phlufea, ( I hope I spelled that right) will gate in and ask for you to give her the acorns. Eating the acorns is one of the choices you have when dealing with her. I think the proper response is to tell her that 'a promise is a promise', which forces her to attack you. I think she gates in a couple of creatures to help her. I don't remember it being called a gourmet meal though. Most of the quests in D0QUESTPACK aren't very big, nor complicated. I think cute would describe them best.
  8. You piqued my curiosity, so I roamed around until I found this: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/46580/download-berelinde-b-tweaks-full-mod#latest The above link may be what you want.
  9. Yes, I have a copy of B!tweak_lite-v4. Is that what you are looking for? I am a little uncertain of downloading a mod to the forums, I don't know if that is proper or not. If you really need it, try emailing me here; rferry307@gmail.com
  10. In truth, I don't know, but, years ago I did run an experiment to see how areas would react if I personally added in more characters. I used AR0602, and set up a mod to add in a total of 50 creatures. This combined with other mods that added creatures, took the total up to 82. The game ran really, really slow, but, it did work. It even allowed for creatures to be spawned. That surprised me. However, to answer your question, I can say that you can have up to 82 creatures in AR0602 without the game crashing.
  11. I had to scrap my install, for reasons other than SCS. I downloaded the SCS 32.7 and I kept the WeiDU executable that came with it. WeiDU 246 has an executable with the file size of 1033. The executable that comes with SCS 32.7 is 953, whatever version that is. It did work. Curious, that I have to take a step back in order to install something new. And so it goes.
  12. Yes, I do. I have tried to include my debug file, except, the web site won't allow me to download anything over 0.25MB. However the WeiDU text file is here; WeiDU.log The error message that I received was: ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [hidespl.2da] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] The version of Stratagems is v32.6 and I am trying to install it to a BG2 with TOB game. The version of WeiDU is v246.
  13. That is the way I always thought it worked, which is why I probably missed seeing it. To let you know, 1033 KB is the file size for v246, at least on my machine it is. When I started this particular install, I downloaded the latest everything, whether I actually use them or not. Everything is at the newest version and yes, I deleted anything that was going to be updated, before I installed the update. I keep that in the game directory, because it could be 1 or 2 years before I play a new game and I want to start fresh. The thing is, I will probably forget where I put them if I don't.
  14. Looked up the 'clear install', and yes that is what I do. I keep a directory named Backup in the BG2 game directory. I have a copy of the override, BGMain, CHITIN.KEY and dialog.tlk. This I maintain. It certainly comes in handy. To return to my problem. I went back to the game directory and basically just stared at it for awhile, when I saw that the setup-application file listed 953 KB, when all of the others said 1,033 KB. I renamed a file for the Fixpack and tried the 1,033 KB file. Now, it worked. This has opened up a new question as to why did it work? I don't get it. This makes no sense to me. Doesn't the installing of an upgraded WeiDU application file, upgrade all of the other application files? I thought it did. And, of course, why did it work?
  15. To answer your question, yes, this is a BG2 SoA+ToB game. The list of 'STUFF' at the top of your reply, that is what is in the file. I don't understand it either. I installed TOBEx and then tried to install BG2Fixpack. That's all there was. One of the things I tried was, to use a new Fixpack file. But it had the same results. Question? What is a non-clear install error? Question? What do I do to correct the problem?
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