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  1. I had to scrap my install, for reasons other than SCS. I downloaded the SCS 32.7 and I kept the WeiDU executable that came with it. WeiDU 246 has an executable with the file size of 1033. The executable that comes with SCS 32.7 is 953, whatever version that is. It did work. Curious, that I have to take a step back in order to install something new. And so it goes.
  2. Yes, I do. I have tried to include my debug file, except, the web site won't allow me to download anything over 0.25MB. However the WeiDU text file is here; WeiDU.log The error message that I received was: ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [hidespl.2da] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] The version of Stratagems is v32.6 and I am trying to install it to a BG2 with TOB game. The version of WeiDU is v246.
  3. That is the way I always thought it worked, which is why I probably missed seeing it. To let you know, 1033 KB is the file size for v246, at least on my machine it is. When I started this particular install, I downloaded the latest everything, whether I actually use them or not. Everything is at the newest version and yes, I deleted anything that was going to be updated, before I installed the update. I keep that in the game directory, because it could be 1 or 2 years before I play a new game and I want to start fresh. The thing is, I will probably forget where I put them if I don't.
  4. Looked up the 'clear install', and yes that is what I do. I keep a directory named Backup in the BG2 game directory. I have a copy of the override, BGMain, CHITIN.KEY and dialog.tlk. This I maintain. It certainly comes in handy. To return to my problem. I went back to the game directory and basically just stared at it for awhile, when I saw that the setup-application file listed 953 KB, when all of the others said 1,033 KB. I renamed a file for the Fixpack and tried the 1,033 KB file. Now, it worked. This has opened up a new question as to why did it work? I don't get it. This makes no sense to me. Doesn't the installing of an upgraded WeiDU application file, upgrade all of the other application files? I thought it did. And, of course, why did it work?
  5. To answer your question, yes, this is a BG2 SoA+ToB game. The list of 'STUFF' at the top of your reply, that is what is in the file. I don't understand it either. I installed TOBEx and then tried to install BG2Fixpack. That's all there was. One of the things I tried was, to use a new Fixpack file. But it had the same results. Question? What is a non-clear install error? Question? What do I do to correct the problem?
  6. Of all the problems that I have ever had with any install, BG2Fixpack has never been one of them. I can't get past Core Fixes, for reasons that are beyond me. Regardless, I have enclosed the debug file, for anyone to look at and give me a little help .SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.DEBUG
  7. You are correct, i do have v1.1 installed. I have downloaded v2.1, but it was too late to install that version. In future i will be more up to date. Thank you for your efforts.
  8. Ran into an oddity. I have Minyae with me in Ust Natha. During the ritual with the Matron Mother, the Demon zaps her with a flame spell and kills her. When Phaere talks about having the real eggs, the demon zaps Minyae with a flame spell instead of Phaere. I did a crt-y on Phaere, the demon dialogue continued as normal, and then i raised Minyae. Everything is alright, except, how come Minyae got zapped?
  9. Truman

    Stuck in Sawaras Crib

    I believe that you should have searched the trunks in one of the rooms. There you should find a finger joint, Suu's diary and a gem that will teleport you out of the area and back to the Bridge district. If you keep the diary, you will meet up with Suu in Saradush where you can give it to her. I don't think you need the finger joint, (i might be wrong) and the gem is only used to get you out of Sawara's lair. Once used, it has no purpose.
  10. BG II makes an uncompressed bif when it copies a bif file into the Cache directory. So it may not be a good idea to copy a compressed bif into the Cache directory. Good point about the Cache directory. I went as far as i could and i believe that it really is beyond hope. The save game file won this round. I gave up and have started a new install. The new install is causing me problems. I have taken to running everything through Norton before i actually install, just as a precaution, i could be wrong about the save game file. The previous suggestion about the tis file came a little too late, but, i am going to remember it for future reference. Thanks for the time and effort.
  11. Did some more thinking about the AREA6100. I tried to CluaConsole, MoveToArea("AR6101"),("AR6102"), ("AR6103") and had the same result. So, the problem must be buried inside the save game, or dialog.tlk or CHITIN.KEY or some other place that I can't alter or edit. This means that the game is corrupted beyond repair. Crap. Just to make sure that it is not AREA6100, I started a bare bones install and tried to MoveToArea again and it was successful. No problem. Well, it's not the first install to go bad for me, and I am sure it will not be the last. Crap. I may never know what exactly went wrong, but, I hope it doesn't happen again.
  12. First i copied the area file from the original cd. I put one copy in the CD5 directory, one copy in the Data directory and one file in the Cache directory. I tried the game as is and had the same result. I opened DLTCEP and tried to decompress the file and got the same message, 'Decompression Failed'. I called up the area file in DLTCEP and pushed the check file button. I don't know how comprehensive that particular feature is, but, nothing happened. Your mention of any of the other mods that i installed, could have changed things. I have included a copy of the WeiDU log. WeiDU.log If there is something that has corrupted things, does this mean that the save game is also corrupted. In which case it is beyond hope and i will have to reinstall?
  13. Been a while. I ran into a problem recently. I am in AR6100 and i am trying to enter Sendai's enclave. Every time i try the game crashes and i get the message that the game is trying to get the area, AR6100, from CD5. I tried using DLTCEP to decompress the area and it keeps failing. Why is that? I picked up a tool some time ago from one of the Baldur's Gate web sites that can uncompress the bif files for the BG series. It works, but, apparently not for this area bif file. What am i doing wrong? What am i missing?
  14. Truman

    Item creation

    Any item equipped in the helmet slot prevents critical hits. There is a ToBEx component that can override this behaviour, allowing for helmet-slot items that should not prevent critical hits (specified by setting a certain item flag). This sort of question belongs in the Modding Q&A forum. Thank you for the answer and the information on where to post.
  15. Truman

    Item creation

    I have a question and i don't know if it should go here or in the IESDP. Well, here it is. If i create a helmet does it automatically gain 'Protects from critical hits'? I have searched the opcodes and effects list from IESDP and i can't find anything that will give it as an equipping effect. If it is automatic where is it coming from?
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