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  1. I would also like to know if we have any expanded druid stronghold mod
  2. I know this component should be part of the eet mod. If someone install this component via eet, when will it be installed? eet game weidu log may have that info but I don't have (dono how to install) eet game at the moment.. --- Thank you for explaining re in details, I understand now. Anyway, it seems like safer to install manually and let the weidu installer picks all components automatically ...
  3. Thanks for confirming May I also ask for your opinion on the install order for EET tweak (to change xp cap and xp gained). I'm not sure whether it should be installed before / after SCS and Tweaks anthology...
  4. So, let use the following as example. 1. Bardolan's Briefing, by berelinde (mature content / teen version) I see it has mature / teen version in the readme. If I want to install the teen version, what should I do? It seems like no option to tick mature or teen version under number 1 in PI.
  5. I think you may be confused that you have to set the language after installing all mod. It is actually no such step after mods installation. Just run the fresh game once, ensure that it is in English language, then start installing your mods, normally the mod will ask you what is the language of your game first, just select English during installation, and you should have no text error later.
  6. Thanks for explaining. I tried installing TSFA in a fresh game (with DLC merged) without following the readme, and loaded a save, it seems like the MOD contents are there. Should be safe to install with PI then.
  7. Thanks, I remember I just installed everything for my previous playthrough (last month) and didn't realize anything goes wrong.
  8. BG1EE+SOD Load order draft: (kindly advise me) The parts that I have highlighted in red color means I'm very unsure whether they are "parked" correctly in the order... Kindly help me.
  9. Sorry for confirming again, I hope I understand you correctly, so can I ignore the readme instructions and install TSFA using PI if I have merged BGEE and SOD with DLC merger MOD previously?
  10. Finished SOA BG2 for my current game, starting TOB. It's time to prepare for my next BG1 playthrough, start with reading all readme and prepare for an installation order. --- 1. A question for The Stone for Askava. I saw this in the readme but I don't quite understand: 2. Question for installing romantic encounter via PI:
  11. I noticed that you have stated a lot of not needed for BGEE v2.5 for BG1 Unfinished Business, is this because BGEE has restored those content (part of vanilla game now?)
  12. Added the following to confirmed list: Added the following to hesitating list: Added the following to save for future list: I start to have more worries on the installation order now after having more mods under the same category, especially those under Quest category. I read somewhere saying generally the older one first, newer one later, but how can I know how old a mod is? And some quests MODs have quite a lot components, like the UB, restoration projects, romantic encounters etc, which seems like there is a possibility to modify the same npc. I'm not sure w
  13. Decided to play as fighter druid Decided to include: BG1: - Vienxay - Ntosc - Endless BG1 BG2: - Vienxay - Sellsword - White Queen - I Shall Never Forget - Back to Brynnlaw - Ascension As I have decided on my party members, I won't bring Tamoko this time. Vienxay is a good option for my current playthrough, I tried talking to her in game and she seems fun to bring a long. With 3 npcs follow me through the whole saga (Verrsza, Vienxay, Edwin), it is something I prefer such as my current playthrough. With 3 mo
  14. Whether you will like npc mod is depend on whether you like the experience in bg2: custom main character who is the leader + 5 other companions that you will find them during your journey and ask them to to join the party to help you. They will talk to each other, have friendship/romance talk with main character, comment/ interject on different quests, which is a lively adventure compared to having 6 custom character who are quiet for the whole game. if you hate this, just ignore the following, If you like this kind of experience, you may consider all npc mod stated he
  15. Thanks for explaining, so I think I can use that file to roughly know who has more interjections and where they may have it. As some of the evil npcs have only few interjections, perhaps I should take someone else with neutral alignment but fit an evil team..(like Faldorn..)
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