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  1. Tried it previously so I know this MOD is very impressive, I will definitely use it for my future heavily modded playthrough, can save a lot of time for precast.
  2. Thanks for your words and suggestion. I enjoy reading reviews and I hope there will be more people writing reviews. I deleted the warnings, it just I feel that sometime I might not be able to use the correct words to convey my feeling due to own limits, and perhaps there are too many mistakes and hurt someone eyes
  3. I can understand why we will have less content if we do not romance certain character. This happens in almost all games with companions. In fact, I consider Dusky has sufficient good content even if I do not romance him. It just I quite like him and so wanted to have more although I understand this. The reason I still enjoy Orra is because I feel like she is purposely designed to be less exciting, her personality fits that, in fact, some dialogues choices have what I think about her, so it is actually quite obvious that the author has expected what others will think about her. I agree that
  4. I have updated the following: - changed some scores for BG2EE mods - added 5 reviews for IWDEE NPC mods - added 4 reviews for quest mods. Thanks again to the modders. Replaying IWDEE made me remember how dull and monotonous most original contents are...There is no reason for me to replay it without new MODs from Lava and Aionz (I completed the game 7 years ago with Kulyok's npcs). It is great I can revisit those beautiful areas in IWD1 again due to the new contents added by the modders. I'm looking forward to my future playthrough as there are some npcs I really interested
  5. is the bug fix applicable for English version as well? Will play iwd2 with this mod soon..
  6. click here to find where the game was installed.
  7. I have to agree with this, I don't think I notice anything wrong with the mage after finishing bg2 with 33.7. The only time that I noticed something slightly weird was during the mage vs mage duel in Underark, as the enemy mage stand still after a long fight, and I considered it normal that time because he run out of spells, didn't bother and just continue my game. I probably won't remember it if I didn't see the bug report here.. I guess it is more obvious in BG1, but I think don't mind if the mage run around or stand still after run out of spell...since he is useless then..and I always
  8. Glad to know someone feels enjoyable I should be the one who say thanks, enjoying your MOD very much (including those I have played in IWDEE), I always prefer MODs that look like original content, really amazing. Athkatlan Grounds MODs are in my "definitely will play list" for my next playthrough Not sure if you have any quest mods with interjections from your NPCs (I will bring Verr'sza next time).
  9. Thanks for your advice, I can't imagine some mods have to be installed like this (different components from same MOD have different install order) if you didn't mention here. Really appreciate it. Is there any reason IWD spells component has to be installed before item randomiser? I thought spells should be installed after item.
  10. I have updated the following: - How I rate mods- added Area Art - updated 5 new reviews for Quest MODs And so I finished all my reviews for 2021 BG playthrough. To be honest there were moments I thought I could not finish these reviews due to poor writing. It is like taking forever for me to finish it. Million thanks to all MOD authors. I like all of the MODs installed this time, including tweaks, UI, portrait, SCS etc which significantly improved my experience. I should probably write something for SCS (I installed it in BG2 only) as the gameplay has improved so much that I
  11. I have updated the install order, red colour is newly added one. I am playing IWD1 now and quite like the casting and spell graphic. Included IWD spells (via SCS) may also make the gameplay feels new. Not very sure whether the install order is appropriate though. According to author of cosmetic enhancement mod, they should be compatible with each other. I would probably finish IWDEE, IWD2 and some modules from NWNEE first before returning to my next epic BG playthrough, so probably will still see and add something that I find interested.
  12. I didn't experience this weird mage behaviour in BG2 with 33.7, probably because they never finish their spells.. I guess it is recommended to use 33.4 for bg1 now?
  13. Is there any way to use the BGT map (clearer version) in the OP for non-eet game? If I install the BP-BGT-Worlmap v10.2.6 from Spellhold, the one I have is quite blurry. If I replace the with the WORLDMAP.MOS file K4thos uploaded here, the map is nice but the locations are wrong...
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