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  1. Ah, good to know. I can't say I'm completely positive it wasn't offered at install. I may well have skipped it, knowing that I wanted to get Fade fast, and being willing to rely on headcanon to excuse goofing around in Athkatla for months before Brynnlaw. Next playthrough will likely be sans-Fade (great NPC, just doesn't fit the schema I have planned for next run), so I'll probably use your fee change. Thanks!
  2. @DavidW Quoting from the readme: Increase the price asked by Gaelan Baele (BG2, BG2EE, BGT) EET not listed, wasn't offered during install. Now this was with v32 (.6, I believe?). I quoted from the readme for the current version.
  3. Cool ideas everyone! I surmise the reason the quest was cut was because by Chapter 6, the player just wants to charge ahead to Irenicus. He's been taunting them the whole game, after all. Other than the timing of it, I love the idea of hunting down items carried by various powerful "bosses" throughout Amn. @subtledoctor I'd be very interested in what you come up with. SCS's increased fee isn't available for me as an EET player, and since I want Fade as quickly as possible (she's offered to your party by Aran Linvail), it's not much of an incentive. Heck, in my current playthrough, I consoled in the gold, paid it, got Fade, then later on donated 15k to a temple to pay back what I "borrowed", so to speak. I'm likely to start using Imoen4Ever on a permanent basis quite soon, so having another in-game reason to need to go cavorting about the realm sounds great. Right now I sort of headcanon a vague idea of needing to gain power to rescue/defeat Imoen/Irenicus and quickly change the subject. Tying the macguffins into the stronghold quests sounds ideal. I'm one of those who wants to do all the everything before Brynnlaw.
  4. Wow! Yet another fantastic perma-mod I'll be adding for the next run that I didn't even realize I was desperately missing. Great stuff, Jastey!
  5. @ALien Awesome! Glad I could help. I tested your implementation, and yep it works. Constant Improved Alacrity. Since my testing character was also wearing the Robe of Vecna, I cast 2 fireballs, Slow, Detect Invis, Dispel Magic, Stoneskin, Mirror Image, Energy Protection (Acid), and 2 Cloudkills in about 2 rounds. Definitely an item that requires a bit of judicious self control on a player's part. Side note: I read the Basic Modder's Guide to Github in your sig. Now I finally know what commits and pull requests are! Maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge and graduate to Modder, instead of just a tinkerer.
  6. Here's a version with only the fixed +5 damage to Chaotic Evil targets. I imported the item file from the original archive into my override and ran NI. Thanks to the way the BGs process text, the item description was random stuff about elves and Baeloth. I'm guessing that won't be the case if the item is included in an installed archive. When I replaced it with my un-nerfed version, the item description was back in place. Good ol' Infinity Engine weirdness. It may be that dropping this into the override of an existing install will cause those text problems. The safe thing to do would be to replace the file in the ToD archive directly, pre install. It should be found in the ITM folder of the archive. va#calan.itm
  7. It's been over 6 months since I ran PI, so I'm having to remember what you're looking for. I found a file called Sorting Order.txt -- I seem to remember creating (or it being created) an external file for PI to use. If it's what you're looking for, please see below.
  8. Tower of Deception was updated to work with the EEs by @agb1 and is on the BiGWorldProject GitHub page. Should I collaborate with him and see if he'll do a new release with the corrected file? In the meantime, I can upload to this thread (or somewhere else) the file with just the fixes. Just let me know what's appropriate. I'm sure I can cook that up. The spell casting effect listed on the item description is that it allows the wielder to cast 2 spells in one round. The ability code (is this an "oppcode?") is 188. "Increase spells cast per round." From what I've read around various forums, it was reported not to work correctly. I just had my fighter mage wield it and she was casting fireballs at the same rate as the other mage in the party. Here's a thread where it was discussed: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/45002-a-lot-of-stupid-questions-bwp-910/ Right now, the sword is a +5 2-handed sword with a high (15?) int requirement to wield. It is not Paladin exclusive, unlike Carsomyr. the original designer said he wanted to give non-paladins a good 2-hander. It allows the wielder to cast Draw Upon Holy Might 2x/day, grants +30% MR, and deals an extra 5 damage to Chaotic Evil targets. It also inflicts a dex penalty of -1 to the wielder, and has a 5% chance per round of inflicting a berserk state on the wielder for 10 rounds. It is not cursed.
  9. I can give a report on Tower of Deception. It was a great deal of fun. It was well balanced, if maybe a little strong on the XP -- though, to be fair, all of BG2 is a little strong on the XP. The "big reward" toward the end is a 2-handed sword that is quite powerful for that point in the game. It isn't overboard, but it's certainly a Flail of the Ages or Celestial Fury competitor. It is a +5 weapon, but the Holy Avenger beats it hands down. I consider it an appetizer for my Paladin. Thanks to SCS, I can't just go plop traps down near Firkraag and roflstomp him at level 10 like I could in vanilla. The sword has a few drawbacks, and actually a fairly serious bug. I went ahead and fixed that bug and removed the drawbacks. I shared the fixed (and un-nerfed) item file at the below posting for anyone interested. Tower of Deception remains solidly on my mod list.
  10. @Caedwyr @Endarire Your goals sound similar to mine. I have a couple friends who are major D&D geeks who have never played the BGs. (One of whom would say he has played BG2, but upon interrogation would reveal he never left Waukeen's Promenade . We're all fairly power-gamery, but want the enemies to keep up with us. It's like I've said: I don't want to tear through the enemies like paper, but I'm good with tearing through them like balsa wood, or occasionally cheap pine. I'm currently curating a set of mods for a group "experience all the things" run with these guys, to come once IWD-in-EET finally drops. We won't be using NPCs, instead each of us running 2 PCs. I'm not really doing much kit or class modding, except for Monasteries of Faerun, and I'll probably add the Artisan's Kitpack later. The main thing I'm doing is including about every stable quest and content mod that is mostly stable and isn't completely ridiculous (YMMV, of course). I have almost every megamod for BG1&2, and almost all the quest mods. Here's my strategy. I removed all level caps. I have no XP reduction. I actually included Trap, Lock, and Spell XP, but at a slightly reduced rate for early character and spell levels -- full BG2 after the early bits. To compensate, I have enforced multiclassing on all characters. That's essentially a 50% XP reduction, but -- and this is CRUCIAL -- it doesn't feel like you're being cheated out of what you've earned. I am largely relying on SCS to help the monsters keep up with my party. I also installed the Max XP for all (including monsters) tweak from one of the big tweak packs (EET, A, CD, don't remember). It has worked extremely well so far. I faced Sarevok about level 9 -- after both NTotSC and DSotSC. I woke up in the Chateau around level 10 or 11. The early BG2 "crap I'm naked and poor again" bit was still interesting. I am currently about level 13. I've done all the questing in the city areas, D'Arnise, Windspear, and L1 of Watcher's Keep. I've also completed a few of the quest and content mods of BG2, though I haven't began the larger ones -- particularly TDD. SCS does a great job of keeping things difficult and I love that I can tweak it at any time with the slider. I've also endured three (3!) party NPCs being kidnapped, 'cos I guess Fade and Amber got jealous of Nalia . I'm glad Isra and Tyris aren't going to put up with that kind of nonsense My theory -- that enforcing multiclassing would compensate for the XP glurge from the mega mods and trap/lock/spell -- has proven largely correct. I feel very powerful, and I feel like the game has no trouble keeping up with me. I'm very much looking forward to exploring all the extra quests and areas from TDD and the Colors of Infinity locations, and plunging into Spellhold and the Underdark.
  11. This looks amazing! Yet another work from the past year that is destined for a permanent spot in my install list for next run
  12. You've said you wanted ideas. I would love to see something done with the gnoll stronghold in BG1. I always thought it should be a much greater undertaking than it currently is. I remember that Dark Horizons does some really cool things with it, but the rest of the mod was not to my taste. Maybe tougher gnolls, or more of other kinds of creatures, toughen up the denizens of the caves, etc? I'm usually around level 5 by the time I'm there, and I can often just berserk Minsc and let him solo the place.
  13. WOW! I'm really glad I found this thing, it's exactly the kind of mod I go for. I'm currently in a megamod-EET-SCS run, so this will have to wait until my next go around. I've loved SCS's changes to things. I removed the level caps so the extra megamod xp helps me to handle the increased difficulty. It sounds like MiH fills in a gap by adding additional/more interesting creatures all over the place. Like Arthas, I feel vanilla BG1 is a little boring on the monster/item front, and use mods like this to up the curve a bit. Looking forward to see where you take it with the new versions.
  14. Idea to consider: retain an Imoen-related reason to go to Spellhold. Some of the compatibility concerns revolve around removing the dialogue option to say you are going to spellhold to rescue a friend. I do know that many NPCs react differently to you if your are motivated by revenge against Irenicus instead of a desire to rescue. We already have Shadows over Soubar losing the whole mod and Fading Promises losing content choices. I bet there are other mods where content is substantively altered or cut off without a "compassionate" motivation for the PC. Perhaps, instead of removing dialogue that refers to charname being motivated by a rescue, instead keep it but let it be altered just a little. There could be a simple dialogue once Imoen is returned to you in Athkatla where she says she can feel a pull on her soul. Perhaps during her Chateau residence, Irenicus started the essence-theft but didn't finish it. Imoen can feel that she needs to get something back from Irenicus. The PC is still motivated to help a friend. The PC needs to help that friend by going to Spellhold -- where Irenicus is. At Spellhold, of course, Irenicus takes Imoen, finishes the job, steals the essence, and we're at normal vanilla content. In a way, this actually helps improve the consistency of the entire BG2 SoA plotline -- Irenicus stealing from charname and Imoen. There are many ways this could be implemented. You already have a way to identify the offending dialogue lines. You could replace the word "rescue" with the word "help" "I'm trying to help a friend who was taken by the Cowled Wizards" "I'm raising money to help my childhood friend Imoen, who was wrongly imprisoned by the Cowled Wizards" She was taken and held, after all -- just for maybe a day and not for many months. This would allow the "rescue a friend" dialogues to remain almost entirely intact and maintain compatibility with charname motivation/morality checks in other mods.
  15. The reward sword at the end, the Warblade of Twilight, has some errors. The +5 damage to CE (similar to the Holy Avenger) is actually applied only to the wielder on equip. I went into NI and fixed it, recreating the +5 to CE on hit. I also went ahead and removed the Berserk chance and the Dex penalty. From what I've read, the spellcasting effect doesn't work properly, so it's not quite as unbalanced as it seems. Right now it's kind of a Holy Avenger-Lite. If these things interest you, please see the attached file. Drop in your Override folder. ALSO... If providing the file is inappropriate or a violation of etiquette (it's not my mod, after all) please let me know and I will take it down. va#calan.itm
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