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  1. Congratulations on the release of Balduran's Seatower!
  2. The big difference, as I understand it, is that the new tools don't require a maintainer. The ease of the old BWS tool required a constant maintainer to update all the links, repositories, and compatibility info. It was a beauty to use, but required an insane amount of continuous work on the back end. The maintainer getting burned out and retiring from the modding scene is what led to EET Setup Tool and PI in the first place. PI, in particular, eschews the ease created by a maintainer -- transferring that burden onto the user -- in order to ensure that the community would be absent a reliable
  3. Thank you @K4thos from me too! (and hope to see you again around the home front here soon o.o )
  4. For what it's worth, I'm not a coder, and I had a great experience with PI. Much thanks to Alien for his work. There are many varieties of mod users. When I first started modding IE games, it was EasyTuTu. I didn't know a WeiDU from from an SCS. I think, maybe, I also used an NPC (Finch) and the NPC Project. Pretty basic stuff. EET really isn't meant for mod users of that level. EET is an advanced mod. The BWS was even more so (from what I gather -- before my time). It had a really honkin' big PDF guide to make it work. Frankly, I'm very glad that tools like PI or EET Setup Tool (fa
  5. I haven't gotten far enough into BG2/ToB to speak on Wheels of Prophecy or Ascension -- though they are both quite popular and well regarded. I have them both installed and I look forward to seeing them. I can speak for SCS. The current version has an in-game difficulty adjuster -- you can tweak how tough it makes things during a playthrough. In fact, per that Firkraag thread, I plan to tweak dragon difficulty for my current game. I highly recommend giving it a try. I was a skeptic of and reluctant to try SCS. I usually don't like difficulty mods, as I don't generally like frustratio
  6. Quoting from the ultra-authoritative "some guy on reddit" source: "My last SoD run, with XP caps off (the cap is 500 K in SoD), I came from BG1 with 190 K and left with 540 K."
  7. Your mileage may vary, and if you read my post on the main EET page called "Curbstomping Firkraag", you'll know how true that is. In my opinion, a basic, mostly unmodded EET run doesn't need caps or xp reductions. See below why, and again, YMMV. I can report from experience the results of a basic BG1 run with no cap. This was, I think, in TuTu. I played a monk, I recruited a full 6-man party as fast as possible, and I kept them throughout. I did everything in vanilla BG1 I could possibly do. The only quest related mods I had were Unfinished Business, FinchNPC, and Sirine's Call -- negligi
  8. Hmmm ... I guess it is still very background in BG2, like BG1. You have a powerful enemy who is interested in you and means you harm. You are reminded of this fact via either assassins or dreams. You are given the opportunity to seek them out and challenge them and their plots. Otherwise, the game just waits for you to decide to do so. <shrugs> Works for me
  9. Well said, but I think choosing a point for an abduction at install time would be too much meta-gaming. I have no idea how I would choose it. Mine would be "when I'm ready." I would define that as "I've done everything I can do in Amn." I don't know a way to concretely measure that in a way that doesn't constrict freedom. What if I choose 180 days, but I only need 90? What if I choose 90 days, but it turns out I need 95? What if I complete all stronghold quests, but I still have all of TDD to run through? It sounds like we're just shifting the time pressure, not eliminating it. The one po
  10. @subtledoctor Very interesting ideas. Challenging assumptions and premises is a very powerful method for solving thorny problems. I see a couple issues to solve with your suggestion. 1. Initial motivation. What makes these games work is a background focus. While you may be free to go wherever and do whatever, there's always a background threat nudging you forward. In BG1 the Dark Figure and the assassins reminded you to eventually go to Nashkel, the Bandit Camp, the Cloakwood, and BG City. In BG2, the periodic reminders that Irenicus is a threat out there, and Imoen is captured
  11. That BuTcHeRy mod looks right up my alley. I'll have to give it a go on my next playthrough. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Okay, I loaded my pre-Firkraag save and walked directly up to him in formation, unbuffed, and initiated combat. This is my full team, but no careful strategy ( even by my low standards), no buffs. SCS is on Tactical, so normal HP, but dragons have contingencies and sequencers, and cast their spells instantly as innates. Firkraag : Spell sequencer: Dispel Magic, Haste, Spell Deflection. (I guess PfMW was just the Shadow Dragon) Dragon Fear pops. His first action is Lower Fire Resistance on my F/M -- possibly targeting my lowest HP character. Only my CHARNAME fails the save vs
  13. Those two were the ones that jumped out at me, as they were the ones I needed to counter to continue my assault. I did notice he was hasted, as well. Can't agree more. I'm still trying to find that balance. It's tough when my goal is also to "pile on all the stuff." I'm still not convinced those two are mutually exclusive, though! Why is that? I really enjoyed Improved TorGal (with my super party). Was it too hard or too easy? You have a very differently designed party than I do, so I could see too hard. Then again, you also employ a lot of those very clever tactics that
  14. Thanks for the replies so far. @subtledoctor, no haranguing received at all. In fact, some of ours (and a few other people's) conversations on this sort of topic are exactly why I posted it. These dragon fights, for the first time, made me seriously question the viability of my strategy for power curve management. Your counter-ideas are very valuable. As you indicated, this is a good discussion for others who might try a pile-it-on kind of EET game. I have a lot to consider. For sure, this party is very highly optimized. I thought about a vanilla group, say, Minsc, Jaheira, Nalia, Keldor
  15. Not long before this, I finished the D'Arnise Keep. I was not quite as well geared, but perhaps only one level behind. I think what made the difference was the number of opponents -- In D'arnise SCS, you have a highly souped up and hasted Tor'gal, a couple Spirit Trolls, a few giant trolls, and a yuan-ti mage -- all of which have the capability to put the hurt on the party. Plus they start out in groups separated from each other. Vast difference to be 6 on 1 surrounding. Preparation, and anticipating rapid solutions to problems makes a big difference, too. I studied up on how to counter SCS
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