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  1. I will confirm this still exists in Beta 7. There are 2 SFO warnings: Duergar and Svirfneblin races already exist in racetext.2da and will be skipped. The following error occurs while copying to and from SODRACE.2da. ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [*.2da] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key]
  2. Hi David, Using batch mode, I selected install for "new gods and goddesses for clerics," and the component was successfully registered for batch install. However, every component thereafter that "requires new gods and goddesses component" got auto-skipped by the batch installer. Thus, all the new multi-class kits for cleric/X got skipped. Previously, I have successfully installed all the above components in non-batch mode in Beta 7. I had already fully installed Monastic Orders of Faerun, but I didn't think doing so would affect the batch mode setup of ToF.
  3. I have duplicated this result. BG2:EE. Only SR +TOF installed.
  4. Testing update. The error does not occur when installed with BG2:EE. This appears to be an error exclusive to BG1:EE/SoD. Since I play EET, I'm moving on to other testing. David, thanks for all your hard work. This is a heckuva testing/fixing regime you've set yourself up for.
  5. I use Amber too, and the first thing I do upon acquiring her is to change her class and kit. I hope compatibility with Amber gets figured out -- it would be rather annoying to have it fail for a kit I don't even use with her.
  6. I can confirm that the error occurs with only the first component of Spell Revisions installed -- the basic Spell Revisions. I also confirmed that ToF's "IWD Arcane Spells" component installs without error without SR.
  7. Well, that was fast. The same error occurred with just the components from SR. Weidu log attached. BG1EE/SOD again. I'll try to narrow down specific components, as I included a few of the misc fixes/tweaks from SR. WeiDU.log
  8. Sorry I forgot to specify. BG1:EE/SOD I'm going to try to narrow it down a little to specific components. There are a lot of tweak items in that Weidu file that could cause the error.
  9. Hi David, As requested, here is a bug report for the install error I experienced. I had previously installed SR, Monastic Orders of Faerun, and a few selected tweaks from aTweaks and Tweaks Anthology. This is part of my stress testing of ToF, where I see how/if ToF has conflicts with the mod components I usually install. The error occurred during this install procedure: Including and running function(s) elemental_summoning_sr This was the actual error: ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [elearsu.cre] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] Please find the full Weidu log attached. I aborted the install a few components after the IWD Arcane Spells install error. WeiDU.log
  10. Sure enough, it's the SoD UI. Of note, I don't plan on actually playing with a BG1:EE/SoD install -- this is just for simplicity while testing. I'm an EET player. Thanks also to @Thacobell. Click and drag works just fine. I would've never thought to do that on PC.
  11. Hi David, I'm testing ToF Beta2. I have installed only base BG1:EE 2.66, DLC Merger, and ToF. I have a full install of ToF, minus proficiencies and a few other rule system changes. During character creation, when I needed to select from a list of items in the left panel -- and the list was long enough to require scrolling, in most cases there was no scroll bar and the list was truncated to the viewable space. Note that I did see a full, scrollable list for base classes, up through "Multiclass" at the bottom. The menus where a long list was truncated include: Cleric deity selection, favored soul deity selection, fighter-cleric multiclass kit selection, and cleric-mage multiclass kit selection. I can confirm that UI truncation occurred. When I change my race from human to elf, the bottom-most available deity changes because Baevar and Corellon are added to the top. Using the arrow keys did not move the selection, and neither did the mouse scroll wheel. WeiDU.log
  12. Keep it up, Doc, and I just might try out that mod if you make it (Compatibility with ToF's multi-class druids requested, of course) An interesting side note about Druids retiring after level 14 -- AD&D 2e rules established limits by race on level advancement. For example, Halflings could reach a max level of 9 as a fighter, only 8 as a cleric, but 15 as a thief. Elves could reach a max of 12 as a fighter, cleric, or thief, but 15 as a ranger or mage. The ability to level without limits was one of the major racial traits of being a human. They were the only race that could level without limits. The implication that Druids retired after winning a grove at level 14 was actually right in line with the limits of other characters. Fortunately, Baldur's Gate did away with those limits. However, the strange xp table for Druids persisted as a relic of those RAW limitations.
  13. Hi David, Continuing the idea of Druid multiclassing, have you considered Monk multiclassing? I know Monastic Orders of Faerun covers it, but it has some issues and cumbersome errors involved. I'd love to see Monks get a little love and integration with the ToF multi-classed kits, too.
  14. Hey there, Doc! Thanks for the detailed explanation. The main thing I've seen is that my used spell slots get restored every time I use EEKeeper. I can confirm that limited duration good and bad effects (regen from an SR spell, and a disease) persist, and damage previously incurred is still present. I don't use the 5e spellcasting mod, so I'm probably not seeing those issues. I can certainly appreciate the wariness. I still use 'Keeper to edit global variables attached to my save, and to mess with special abilities and effects granted by kits.
  15. Can someone explain exactly what EEKeeper does that is bad? I looked all over G3 and didn't see anyone spell it out. I've been using it for years on games that go at least from Candlekeep to the Underdark, and I haven't noticed any problems yet.
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