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  1. I'm with Ser Elryk and a few others. I'm much more interested in locations, quests, etc, than the rulesets. As I said before, I really just want to go stomp around in the Vale of Shadows, Dragon's Eye, and the Shattered Hand with my Bhaalspawn. Also.... WELCOME BACK K4THOS!!! We missed you, bud.
  2. Good deal! Hopefully between the two of us, we made it clear exactly where the issues lie and where they don't. There is definitely a need for head-canon in some places, and in other places, the mods actually enhance each other. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Huh! I had no idea. Kudos to Beamdog, for restoring our game
  4. Something to keep in mind, that tweak only applies to the Bioware/Beamdog romances. Any mod NPC romances will have to be dealt with on their own. You will have to reinstall the mod -- or dig into the scripts to make changes manually (I've done that to remove romance conflicts in mod romances). You might be able to get away without restarting the game, as long as dialogue.tlk isn't messed with for that tweak. If you start seeing weird text (like the description of a weapon being character dialogue, or some such), then you know you need to restart. One of the modders might have more insight (I'm just a heavy user )
  5. @subtledoctor I second, third, and fourth this. It does seem like the project got lost in feature creep. I just want to go explore the North -- I don't need feats, skill checks, or any of the other stuff. Just let me tromp around Dragon's Eye and the Hand of the Seldarine.
  6. Ha! You too? I beat Daggerfall from start to finish, and I am dang proud of my liberal use of exploits. What a beautiful pile of terrible bugs that formed itself into a game through sheer moxie
  7. I think some of it comes down to play style and mindset. As I read the list of design goals, I had a reaction similar -- I'm guessing -- to Bartimaeus. Almost all of those are things I either already choose not to do, or wouldn't hesitate to cease doing as soon as I found it cheesy. As an example, I find resting after every battle to be boring and annoying, and I just generally try to rest a little as possible. There's nothing stopping me from constantly resting -- except me, and my preferred method of play. There are plenty of us that voluntarily avoid taking advantage of every little angle or advantage available. To Subledoctor's point, however, there are also plenty of folks who desire an ironclad rules set that they can then push to the limit. I have a friend who is like this. He doesn't want to limit himself -- he wants the game to limit him. That said, Doc, I remember a conversation recently about curbstomping Firkraag where you (very correctly!) recommended I don't buff before big fights. That's a self limitation -- and a very good one -- for the game I had built for myself. There's validity to both styles. Clearly, this proposed mod is for the latter style of play. Go for it! I won't have much to add, as I'm the former type.
  8. Heh. I didn't even think to consider the EE NPCs. There is also Dorn, Neera, and Rasaad, that's true. That mod looks pretty neat, Endarire. Thanks for the share!
  9. We've been waiting for IWD-in-EET for several years. Development is ongoing -- though it's been nearly a year since there have been signs of it. The developer, K4thos, has disappeared before for stretches, and then returned with new achievements. It's quite possible that he, like others, are waiting for Beamdog's 2.6 patch for the I.E. games to release, as that will break many, possibly all, mods. I'd wager we're several months away, at absolute best, from IWD-in-EET -- and that's a fair amount of wish-casting. There's probably only about a 50% chance IWD-in-EET releases before BG3.
  10. Totally understand. Another advantage to sticking with the Bioware NPCs is that if/when the IWD-in-EET mod finishes, your party will be full of banters for it. If you want to keep the same crew from Keep to Throne, you're quite limited. The only BG1 NPCs that make it to BG2 -- at least initially -- are the ones that wake up with you in the cell. That's Minsc, Imoen, and Jahiera. Viconia is available for recruitment after you escape, and Edwin shortly thereafter. Now, it's no coincidence that those are also some of the favorites of many BG players. If you're looking for other BG1 NPCs to carry through to the Throne, there are some mods that add them into BG2. I think Kivan & Deheriana does that. Jastey's Adjantis mod for BG2 does -- though if you don't romance him (as a female bhaalspawn) you'll miss out on some content. There's a Branwen in BG2 romance mod. You've got some options.
  11. Cannot agree more about BG1 NPC Project. The Dynaheir romance is quite good. I assume the others are as well, but I haven't tried them. Other excellent NPC mods I enjoy include: Finch (BG1), Isra (BG1-ToB), Fade (BG2-ToB), and Amber (BG2). I change their classes in EEKeeper to fit what I want. For example, my Fade is a fighter/mage multi, and my Amber is a fighter/cleric multi. I also appreciate the Nalia romance, as well as Auren Aseph. I'm currently checking out Tyris Flare -- good so far, but limited time spent.
  12. Well, at the end of this month, it will have been a full year since K4thos even visited G3. Make of that what you will ... On the other hand, he's been on the Beamdog forum in the last month, so maybe there's still hope.
  13. Sure thing! As I've said before, I'm adept at head-canon. Besides, it sound like just one set of scenes, upon her rejoining the party. Could be easily explained by confusion from whatever Irenicus did. You kind of have to do this sort of thing anyway, especially in an EET playthrough. Take Jaheira. I say hello to her and Khalid in the FAI in BG1, then drop them straight away. Much later, in BG2, she's in a cage near me, talking as if we've been adventuring together forever. We haven't. Still, I take her along because I need a healer. After I do her lucrative Harper quests in Athkatla, I drop her again. I read her massively angry break-up dialogue, after all we've been through together since Candlekeep (not really), and head-canon it as an amicable departure between acquaintances who only just met. If I can do that, I can certainly handle a confused Imoen for a scene Hopefully, other folks who may have similar tolerances will now be able to enjoy both great mods together.
  14. All right. I tested it, on vanilla BG2:EE, with only the latest I4E and Imoen Romance installed and unmodified. Incidentally, playing in story mode with godbows is a helluva rush All the dreams -- the 3 vanilla dreams and the 3 Romance dreams -- occurred normally. Both the I4E and Romance banters fired appropriately. A couple journal entries for the Romance referenced her captivity in Spellhold, but that isn't a big deal for me. Upon arrival in Brynnlaw, after Saemon's ambush, Imoen was spirited away as intended by I4E. No untimely Romance conversations. It looks like the Romance will wait until you rescue Imoen from inside Spellhold. By this test, I feel confident that I4E is out-of-the-box compatible with Imoen Romance. There may be a couple references here or there to events that occurred differently, but it has seemed minimal. Any references to Irenicus torturing her could easily refer to what occurred in the Chateau. There was a hidden bonus. The optional component in I4E to have Imoen react to the Irenicus dreams actually lines up exceptionally well with the Romance dream content. You and Imoen agree to find each other in your dreams, and then they get more ... personal. In fact, the way that the reactions are set up completely fits with the fact that you are dreaming about Imoen while she's standing next to you. Not only are the two mods technically compatible, but I find their pre-Spellhold content to be thematically compatible to the point of being complimentary. They fit very well together, story-wise. I love how you wrote the dialogues for Imoen's return and existence at charname's side. The story beats, and the tension, are well preserved. Very nicely done, Jastey!
  15. Took a deeper look at the scripting for Imoen Romance, and I'm not at all sure why it would be technically incompatible with I4E, both mods out of the box. There are dialogues in Chateaux Irenicus. Then there are 3 dream sequences. The dream sequences trigger from a timer based on the Irenicus dream sequences. Imoen's presence due to I4E shouldn't affect that. After the 3 dream sequences, there is no further Imoen Romance content until you rescue her. From what I can tell, all that content originates from triggers that involve chapter checks. It does look like there's at least one block of code that simply has a chapter 4 check and an Imoen present check -- likely intended to trigger after rescue in Spellhold. As is, it could trigger upon arrival in Brynnlaw, but before Imoen is re-abducted. Potentially -- depends on the order of events executed by the game engine. If I4E abducts Imoen in cutscene mode immediately upon arrival, and before the Romance dialogue can be triggered, than it is compatible out of the box. Either way, a simple check of the ImoenStays variable above can ensure proper timing. I'll keep digging, but most of this already looks really good. Edit: Finished digging. Other than the block mentioned above, everything else is clear. There are banters or talks about certain quests you may undertake while she's there, but they're standalone conversations. She comments on your stronghold when you enter it. Everything else is chapter-bound. The closest thing is a comment in AR1500, the Spellhold exterior map. If Imoen is abducted upon setting foot in Brynnlaw, then she'll only be present in AR1500 if you've already rescued her. Compatible. One line of code, checking for !Global("C#IM_ImoenStays","GLOBAL",1), at one spot, makes Imoen Romance technically compatible with I4E -- and even that might not be necessary. I think I'll go test it and see what happens.
  16. Ah, found your Compatabiltiy for Modders in BGII post on page one. That's the info I need. I bet I can use your C#IM_ImoenStays global variable to adjust the timing of things in Imoen Romance and make them technically compatible. Content-wise compatibility will still require a ton of head-canon work, but that's no biggie for me.
  17. Thanks Jastey. Sounds like everything is already good to go from I4E's end. I'll just need to check in with the Imoen Romance folks and figure out what I need to do over there.
  18. I've been thinking about Imoen Romance compatibility. I know it's not something that can reasonably be asked for from either mod. My own tolerance for shenanigans is large, though, and I think I have an edit that I can make work for my own purposes. I'd like to run it by you, just to make sure that there isn't something I'm missing on I4E's end. This would largely be a change I make in the Imoen Romance mod. From what I've seen, there are just a few dream sequences (2 or 3?), and then a lot of silence until later (Spellhold and beyond). There may be a few more, like when you get to Brynnlaw, or upon making the deal with one of the Thieve's Guilds. I'm still early in BG2, so I'd have to find out. My idea is to simply adjust the trigger checks in the scripting for Imoen Romance to make sure that the dreams can occur in the appropriate chapter, whether Imoen is present or not, and to add a chapter check to every other Imoen Romance event. It all sounds fairly simple to me, so I suspect there may be other contingencies I'm not aware of. I'm adept at head-canoning my way through squirrelly things, so I'm not afraid of narrative inconsistencies. Assuming that this works for Imoen Romance purposes (and that may be a big IF), is there anything I need to be wary of from the I4E end?
  19. Thanks for the continued updates! I'm feeling that BG-EET itch returning, so I'll get to check your mod out soon.
  20. How's the update coming? Getting that BG-EET run itch again...
  21. Same here! Feeling the itch to start a new BG-EET run, and your mods are right up my alley.
  22. Here's a good thread to check out. https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31281-cahirs-eet-epic-run-mod-order-help-request/ The mod list is on page 1. He lists his requirements on page 4, and I go through a discussion with him about BG1 mods on pages 4, and 5. The whole thread is a great example of the entire community coming together to build a mod list, and is worth perusing. Depending on your playstyle, this is also a good thread to look at. It gets a bit into the weeds, but might be informative for long term balancing plans. https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/32042-curbstomping-firkraag/ I've been experimenting with the balance between challenging, yet not frustrating, difficulty and a satisfyingly high power curve. The thread examines some of the pitfalls and solutions for such a gameplay idea. Both those threads are good, as you can see different philosophies of play (mine and Subtledoctor's) hashing it out. Somewhere between the two of us, you should find the kind of game you're looking for!
  23. Hi Telcontar. Welcome to the wild world of BG modding! I'm not sure how you wound up with the duplicates -- something definitely went wrong. Definitely avoid the Sandrah Saga and Dark Horizons. While having cool concepts, they actually do throw +3 weapons at you in the first few maps of BG1. The original versions of DSotSC and NTotSC did have very unbalanced content, but newer versions have been re-balanced for EET and are quite good. I do recommend at least the NTotSC that Jastey remade. DSotSC is a bit of a straight crawl, and can cause some immersion loss. I enjoyed it, but I'm fairly easy. Stone of Askavar is fun, balanced, and seamlessly integrated. I cannot recommend SCS highly enough -- and this comes from someone who doesn't usually go for difficulty increases. The in-game slider for SCS is revolutionary and makes it pain free. Even if you avoid a ton of NPCs, consider Finch NPC, if she fits your party idea. Fun, cute, bookish gnome cleric who is wonderfully voiced. I had a similar discussion with another person on the forum a year or so ago. Let me see if I can dig it up. We went into greater detail, and the other poster seemed to have similar goals as you.
  24. Congratulations on the release of Balduran's Seatower!
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