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Welcome to the Romantic Encounters forum!


Currently, Romantic Encounters is a mod which consists of fifty submissions for joinable and non-joinable, Bioware or completely new characters, by thirteen authors.


Additionally, we have a component with Anomen's, Aerie's, Jaheira's and Viconia's reactions for the more 'obvious' encounters. And an adult content warning, as well - some of these encounters are pretty steamy.


Read the mod's Readme file and download Romantic Encounters here: Website, download, readme.


Mod history: Version 1 of Romantic Encounters was released on July 31, 2007. It consisted of forty submissions, and was created by eight people in two months. You can read the original Romantic Encounters topic here.




We have forty encounters. *That's* a lot of stuff. Some of them are with joinable NPCs, who have romances, banters, quests and other stuff added. Some of them are with the Shadow Thieves - the characters who invariably attract attention of quest and NPC modders.


So, what did we do to ensure our mod will work with others as smoothly and efficiently as possible:


- we always use a prefix. All our variables are RE-prefixed, and we never use yours. This also means that we don't set mod romances to 1,2,3 or anything else.


- we do not touch, edit or delete Bioware dialogue. If a reply was there, it is there.


- if we add a branch to existing dialogue, we loop(or, rather, COPY_TRANS) back whenever possible.


- we add, not overwrite. If some other mod added to Aran and Edwin, we add a little more - we do not write over the other mod's content.


(We do add a general script to Ribald - tell us if you're planning to use it, and need cooperation).


Modders: if you think you could face potential problems with any and all Romantic Encounters components in your released mod, please, tell us, and we'll do our best to work something out.


Players: please, report any and all issues you encounter, we are always happy to hear from you. Your Weidu.log file from your Baldur's Gate II directory is also very welcome: you could open it with Notepad, and copy-paste the contents in your post.



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I wanted to congratulated the team on the release of this mod. I think that it will create a more realistic romantic atmosphere in BG2. After all, how could you know that you found your true love if you did not dealt with romantic experiences at all. So, great job on filling in the vacuum and congrats on the release again!

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Something ate my "Version 2 is available" topic(it was that tasty!), so here we go. Changes for v2 include:


- Multiple language support

- An internal RE timer, to ensure that only one RE encounter happens at rest

- Additional pre-encounter reply for Aimi

- Time of day becomes noon after Weathermistress Ada encounter

- Weathermistress Ada encounter is now only available for 'tall' races

- Ryan Trawl encounter is now available after Anarg's Cup has been returned

- Paladin stronghold is available to female paladins after sleeping with Garren

- Hendak encounter is now available to all alignments, but only for reputation>11

- Reactions to Chanelle encounter are only available for male protagonists

- Corrected some typographical errors



Special thanks to all team members, CamDawg, and everyone who sent in bug and typo reports for v1.

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Hello everyone!!


I haven't been on this site for some time now and yesterday I thought I'd take a peek at how things are getting on. Now I'm really glad I did! All these fabulous new mods that are out!


This mod is EXACTLY what I was looking for (though I didn't know it until I saw it). Well done and thank you for making it. ;) I'm curious, how did you come up with such a big project and then finnish it in just two months? You guys must have worked really hard on it.


Thanks again for making it! I've downloaded it and I'm going to try it out in a sec. You guys rock. ;)

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Just two months? Hey, it was the _whole_ two months, with all these extra versions and testing. ;) Dungeon Crawl(except for area art and voice acting) was done in a few days of writing and two weekends of coding. Tiax was done in 8+8+8=24 hours. Xan SoA(three paths, voicing, editing and all) was created in four months. Same goes for many other projects out there; I don't know exact timelines, though, so I can't tell.


Anyway, enjoy and thanks for visiting. ;)

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